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how is the genre of horror created in the opening sequence of the lost boys?

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How is the genre of horror created and established in the opening sequences of " The Lost Boys"? The Lost Boys is a horror film, a Gothic horror film. Gothic horror is associated with death, blood and much more. Gothic horror uses non-negative iconography for example vampires, zombies, ghosts. Modern horror tends to follow on from Gothic horror, but Gothic horror is very different from modern day horror, for example in Gothic horror there is occasionally a romantic story to it. Also modern horror uses a lot of special effects and Gothic horror relies more on the viewer's opinions and imagination. Fear is crated in the viewer's imagination more than on the cinema screen with blood and gore. When directing a Gothic horror the director must use different techniques to create and sustain horror. He could use different camera shots and angles, the point of view camera shot is a very effective camera shot because it can show the monsters point of view getting its prey. The director could also use many more techniques that I will explain about later in this essay. ...read more.


This is a moment of iconography because the colour red is the same colour as blood and gore. At this time the Mother says " I know what we have been through over the last couple of years." This is ironic because of what has happened so far suggests that this will not be much different from what they have had before. All the characters in the car are completely oblivious about it and do not know what will happen and what is happening. During the next scene we get a camera shot of a close up, on the people of Santa Carla with inter cut ups of missing posters suggesting that Santa Carla is a weird place going with that and the weird people. This shows quickly that Santa Carla is a weird place and has some strange problems. That part of the film links to the song that is going on at this point, "People are strange," the part of the film fits in with the song because the people of Santa Carla are actually acting very strange. The non-diagetic sounds in the night scene create horror. ...read more.


The mis-en scene used in the piece creates horror well for example: In the night scene when you see the guard walking towards his car and another car drives off leaving the guard isolated, then suddenly the vampires attack. The iconography of this is that the guard's only hope is his car and him been alone, the audience pretty much no what will happen to the guard. Mis-en scene is continually used in the daytime scene when the audiences see the wanted posters and hear the happy music at the same time and seeing what Santa Carla is really like. That has dramatic irony in because the family do not see the posters and are not sure what is going on. Overall, the horror genre is created in many different ways from many different techniques like different camera angles, music, and dialect from the characters, which all mix together to make an eerie and creepy start to what looks like a very good film. After watching that part of the film it made me ask many questions like "Why are they doing this?" and "What will be the conclusion of this film" and can not wait to finish watching it! ...read more.

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