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How is "The Muppet Christmas carol" different from Dickens novel "A Christmas carol."

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How is "The Muppet Christmas carol" different from Dickens novel "A Christmas carol." We have looked at two different versions of this story. The stories are " The Muppet Christmas carol" by Jim Henson and "A Christmas carol" by Charles Dickens Charles Dickens was born in 1812 in Portsmouth. Dickens was a well know Victorian novelist. His Childhood was very unhappy due to his farther always being in debt. Jim Henson was born in the 20th century. He is famously known for his creations of the Muppets. Henson is American. His childhood was different from Dickens not just being born in different centuries but Henson had a very happy childhood due to his family being wealthy unlike dickens. ...read more.


This smile makes you feel he is more powerful than anyone else, and more mean than anyone else. The language in both the film and the novel are very descriptive. The film uses many different smiles and metaphors that Dickens uses in the novel. At the begging of both we are told, "Old marley was as dead as a door nail." This is used at the begging to emphasise the importance of marleys death. Gonzo describes Scrooge before we even meet him. He describes him as "a tight fisted hand at he grindstone,squeezing,wrenching,covertous old sinner". In the film lots of figures of speech are used and was an excellent way of getting the audiences attention. ...read more.


It is a slow haunting piece of music. The use of close ups in the film were well used. The close ups were used to show the expressions and feeling on Scrooges face which Dickens describes in the novel. The use of special effects was very impressive and well thought of. A very good example I can use is using the Muppets as the marley brothers. The reason for this is when they have chain wrapped around them it is more funny seeing them with chains on than a human actor, the use of a human actor wrapped in chains could alarm children. My conclusion is that the film was very good. It was a lot more exciting than the book. This is due to the deception in the novel being shown as visual effects. The film is better and more effective to show children due to the language being easier to understand. ...read more.

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