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how is the tell tale heart an effective short story

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How is the Tell Tale Heart an effective short story? The writer of this story, Edgar Allan Poe, believed that short stories should be read in one sitting so that the meaning of the story would not be interrupted. In addition he believed that the reader should look for the meaning of the story and that if the meaning was too obvious the writing was no longer an art. Also he believed that a work should have one specific effect. And he strictly believed that there should be nothing unnecessary on the page. He also noted that short stories were superior because the information in the short story could be taken easily while, when reading a novel you would need to breaks, which could disrupt the meaning of the story in the reader. Also what makes an effective short story is when the story gets right into the plot and hooks you effectively and doesn't have the build up like in a novel and it has to be concentrating one hundred percent on the plot not drifting which as a result also drifts the reader's attention to the story. ...read more.


For example in the first two sentences in the story the narrator gave the impression that he or she is a very strange person by saying: " TRUE! Nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why WILL you say that I am mad? ". In addition, he, Edgar Allan Poe did this because if you want to have an effective short story, you would need to create suspense very quickly. Therefore in a novel you could build up suspense in pages and pages. In addition Edgar Allan Poe believed that you should be able to read a short story in one sitting. In addition the rhetorical question " am I mad? " emphasises the suspense, in that quote. Also the author drip feeded the continual question of the narrator's madness through out this short but very effective story to create a sense of morbid curiosity in the reader. He used the present tense so that the reader does not know what will happen and that he or she will feel some discomfort. ...read more.


And this is how short stories when being read in one sitting become very effective. And could become popular because the context of the text is being understood. As I conclude I would like to say that I think that "The Tell Tale Heart" is a very effective short story. Poe's ideas about short stories are definitely evident in this short story. Moreover the main effect of this story is felt all over the story, which is of course "morbid curiosity". The author, Edgar Allan Poe created suspense very effectively and made the story a role model for other writers to follow. In addition he hooked the reader very well. Also the length of the story was nearly perfect, if not perfect. Personally I think it was a huge success as it was the first story that would go down the "Gothic Horror genre". But I do not think it is as successful now as it was before because many authors have expanded on what he has done and have significantly gone a step further. Also he has used vocabulary that is unknown to us and do not appeal to people now. 1 By Muadh Abdul-Hamid ...read more.

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