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How is the tension between Eddie and beatrice created and sustained

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How is the tension between Eddie and Beatrice created and sustained Throughout the play Beatrice and Eddie have contrasting views about various issues.Eddie has strong veiws on masculinity which leads him to reject effeminate behaviour and be aggressive when he is challenged. Beatirce on the other hand is a more laid back personality. Miller uses this friction between husband and wife to create and sustain tension by making the issues gradually more serious as the play progresses At the opening of act one, Eddie and Cathrine appear to be almost flirting. '(Eddie is pleased and therefore shy about it.)'This type of relationship is surprising because Cathrine is Eddie's niece and proves to be a source of friction between Eddie and Beatrice. ...read more.


Beatrice thinks that Eddie is over protective of Cathrine and convinces him that she is old enough. "Look, you got to get used to it, she's no baby no more." Miller continues to increase the tension between Beatrice and Eddie when later they begin to argue about Rodolpho; his sexuality and his relationship with Cathrine. Eddie's affection for Catherine leads him to dislike Rodolpho and find faults in him, at every opportunity. He interprates Rodolphos effeminate behaviour ( singing, cooking and stiching dresses) as homosexuality and tells Cathrine that Rodolpho is decieving her, in order to gain an American passport ( Rodolpho is an illegal immigrant ) ...read more.


... all stand transfixed for an instant" Miller uses this to create the effect of a fuse reaching its end before the explosive finale of Eddies death at the hands of Marco.At this point Miller turns the tables on the relationship between Eddie and Beatrice. "EDDIE: Then why of B! BEATRICE: Yes, yes! EDDIE: My B! (He dies in he arms..)" This shows their ultimate unity. Miller could be trying to sustain the tension by showing the audience that Eddie refuses to acknowledge his attration to Cathrine upto his last breath. As this play is a tragedy reminiscent of the Greek style, Miller could be trying to redeem the tragic hero by showing that despite all of Eddies shortcomigs, he is ultimately devoted to and in love with Beatrice. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ravi Lakhani 11Y 13/04/2009 ...read more.

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