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How is the theme of death shown by the 2 poets?

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How is the theme of death shown by the 2 poets? Both the poets have shown death throughout the whole poem consistently, and in both poems it makes me feel that death is something to fear of. This is because both poets show a great amount of torture is done to face death. The poets wanted me to feel depressed and have been able to do so. The poets have used historical events to portray the image of death being very cruel. In the poem '5 ways to kill a man', the poet has gone through a number of historical events that are related to death and gone through them in chronological order starting from the past and then to present. On line 5 there is a hint of death because it mentions, 'cock that crows', my reaction was not surprising as I thought this was a normal execution going to take place at dawn, as a cock crows at dawn. On line 7 it mentions, 'man to hammer the nails home', this reflected that the poet was refer to the death of Jesus Christ, I got the feeling of sadness as there in the first stanza there is no reasoning for the death. ...read more.


By pressing the switch deadly radiation contaminates people and eventually kills them. That is why an ocean is required to separate the enemies and then only one of them will get affected, evidence is on line 24 'ocean to separate'. As it mentions ocean I believe that the poet is referring to the cold war where Russia and America had an ocean between them, and that unnecessary tensions were raised. In the final stanza I felt odd, as thought I am living to face my death. The poet has been able to create this effect by making the last stanza's structure more different as the last stanza is shorter than the others. Also in the final stanza it does not ask for any requirements to face death. The poet creates a guilty conscience as he blames humanity for me when I finished reading the poem and also it made me thinking that everyone is going to die at one point and that war was unnecessary. Dulce Et Decorum Est is an anti war poem which goes through the horrors of the first world war. Dulce Et Decorum Est conveys a strong meaning and persuasive argument. ...read more.


The most effective metaphor is the 'vile, incurable sores' that the poet compares to the troop's memories. This metaphor illustrates how the troops will never forget this experience. This pain will forever be with them. The poet clears up any misconception that war is noble and convinces me that his beliefs are true. More effectively than metaphors and similes, the graphic imagery that this poem explodes with drastically influenced my reaction to this poem. Some of the images in this poem nearly made me feel uncomfortable. The image of the troops 'drunk with fatigue' and deaf to the 'gas-shells dropping softly behind' is a chilling image. As someone yells 'Gas' it is an 'ecstasy of fumbling' and one is still 'flound'ring like a man on fire'. Through the 'thick green light, as under a sea' the speaker sees the man drowning and describes the 'gargling from the forth-corrupted lungs'. Each of these images are disturbing to think about, but exposes the reality of war. These images made me feel disgusted at what war is capable of. The poet ties this poem together in the last line. In Latin, the phrase 'Dulce Et Decorum Est' means 'It is sweet and fitting to die for one's country'. Both poems agree that war was unnecessary. Hatim Ismail ...read more.

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