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How is the Theme of Love and Death represented in the 3 poems (Remember, Plena Timoris and Refugee Mother and Child.)

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How is the Theme of Love and Death represented in the 3 poems (Remember, Plena Timoris and Refugee Mother and Child.) Written in different times under different settings by three very different personalties, the three poems Remember (by Christina Rossetti), Plena Timoris (by Thomas Hardy) and Refugee Mother and Child (by Chinua Achebe) explored the subject of death in different ways. Rossetti accepted death yet wanted to be remembered. The lovers in Plena Timoris saw the possible future despair and death as a reason to forgo their present. In Refugee Mother and Child, death seemed like a blessing from a merciless life. Death and wanting to be remembered No one can escape from death, the difference is how intensely one feels about it and ones reaction to it. Christina Rossetti was often sick from her youth and she was often on the verge of death - ?I half turn to go yet turning stay?. With the recognition of the imminence of death, Rossetti wants to be remembered. In Remember, the use of repetition throughout the poem is very effective - ?Remember me when I am gone away?, ? Remember me when no more day by day?, ?Only remember me?. ...read more.


This woman?s death immediately made the girl realize how similar the woman?s situation was to hers. ?The girl?s heart shuddered; it seemed as to freeze her?. The word ?shuddered? is used as an onomatopoeia as it highlighted the immediate and sudden change in her feelings. The caesura introduced a pause in the sentence and grabs the reader?s attention. The death of another woman gradually shifted the girl?s mind to the darker side of a relationship. ?Dim dreads of the future grew slowly to seize her?. She seemed willing to forgo a happy relationship for the thought of a possible future despair and death - ?her hand dropt from his as they wandered away?. ?wandered away? are very precise words hinting the lack of sense of direction in their relationship. Plena Timoris is a poem with mainly a slow moving narrative and a rhyme pattern of ABBAB. However sometimes even the two A?s are not perfect, for example, in the first stanza ?parapet stone? and ?shone? are only half rhyme?s. The poem thus has certain words in lines that don?t ?fit?. Hardy used this imperfection to show that sometimes love is not what it seems and it can foreshadow the tragedy that is to happen. ...read more.


This line is effective because it uses a simile and it has strong imagery. Something that really struck me as I was reading Refugee Mother and Child was that Achebe has used singing in an interesting way. ?singing in her eyes? uses both metaphor and personification and can also be interpreted in two different ways. One way people can see it is as an act of happiness and grace as the mother can be relieved that her child doesn?t have to suffer the hostile environment and letting his soul lead on to a better afterlife. However a totally different view on the act is the mother giving her final gift to her child by singing requiem for him. In conclusion, I would say the three poems are so similar yet can be seen as extremely different. The poems all seem to focus on the themes of love and death, however the poems do not have the same perspectives and insight, an example of this is the abrupt change in the mood in Plena Timoris as a result of an unanticipated death contrasts with the constant thoughts of death in Remember. The theme of love and death is often represented by the poet?s use of repetition, metaphors and the way the have structured their poems. ...read more.

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