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How is the theme of Remembrance explored in the poems Piano, Poem at 39, Remember and three other poems?

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How is the theme of Remembrance explored in the poems ?Piano?, ?Poem at 39??, ?Remember? and three other poems? The theme of remembrance is something constantly explored in literature. It is truly a powerful force. It can bestow courage, feelings of warmth, or even overwhelm you. The poems ?Piano?, ?Poem at 39? and ?Remember? are no exception to this. In ?Piano?, the persona gets reminded by music of his childhood and weeps at his loss of it. Another loved and admired mother is described in ?To My Mother? by George Barker. In ?Poem at 39?, the persona remembers her father and all the good things about him. The persona also remembers what his father was like when he was younger in two of Seamus Heaney?s poems ?Digging? and ?Follower?. Finally in ?Remember?, the persona seeks to be remembered after her death, but is conflicted by the fact that memories of her will cause sadness. First on the list is the poem ?Piano?, written by D.H.Lawrence. Structurally, it is written in quatrains with 3 stanzas. In short, it is an organised poem. The structure of 3 stanzas divides the poem into 3 different parts. The stanzas create a clear space in time. Through the use of stanzas, you see the emotional contrasts between his dwelling in his childhood memories and the aftermath. ...read more.


The freeverse structure adds a sense of remembrance as it emulates ?train of thought?. You tend to recall the memories that have most impact on you. This is further instilled by the use of caesura and enjambment. These two things provide ?staccato? and ?legato? to the phrasing of the poem. In this poem enjambment is used to emulate the memories coming back slowly or it could be a reflection of sadness. For example in the first stanza the spacing between the groups of words causes them to sound something like a stutter when recited. Memories don?t usually just hit you, you usually slowly take them in. Walker leaves that for us to interpret ourselves. Even though this poem is written in free verse, there is still a clear divide between the two sections of the poem. That is shown in the repetition of the phrase ?How I miss my father?. The first time it seems like she is sighing, a sign of reflection and regret. This regret can also be tied in with the phrase ?though many of my truths must have grieved him before the end.? She now knows that what she told him might have hurt him. The second time with the exclamation mark, instead of a sigh, it seems more like a wail. ...read more.


?Silent land? would be something along the lines of Purgatory. She saw herself as a sinner who did not deserve heaven or the grace of God so she believed that she would go to Purgatory when she died. Furthermore her conflicted persona creates a situation many readers can relate to, though in a less extreme way - whether to put other people?s happiness before your own. Rossetti?s religion has forced her to regard the happiness of other people above her own. Remembrance is truly something that is formidable. With it you can become happy but yet be pained by it. These poems show it all. ?Piano? shows its power to overwhelm a fullygrown man and drive him to the point of tears. ?To My Mother? and ?Digging? show the admiration it can arouse. ?Poem at 39?, ?Digging? and ?Follower? all show how memories remain in the deeds of others. Last but not least ?Remember? shows that remembrance can bring pain to others. Personally I believe in the power of remembrance. Through remembering the past and reflecting upon it, I see what I can do to improve myself and be a better person. I can draw upon my memories for happy times when I feel sad. Yet I have my regrets as well. Those memories hurt, keep me awake at night and cause fits of depression. It is a normal part of life. Live with it, do not seek to dwell in the past and create more memories worth remembering. ________________ ...read more.

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