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How is the theme of violence and cnflict explored in the play Romeo and Juliet?

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ROMEO AND JULIET The first conflict was that two third of the parents died in France because of the war. This is similar to Romeo & Juliet because this is the opposite of it. Romeo & Juliet died and they were the children and the parents were still alive. The first starts with a cheerful and comical mood. The actors are funny and they joke no one would think that something like a fight could happen because everyone is relaxed. The mood is a peaceful one. When the two servants of the Montague arrive the tension gets higher than it was. They are rude to each other. The mood changes from a happy and relaxed one to a rude and a full with tension one. But the change is not so fatally because they have only a verbal fight not a real fight with hands Benvolio arrives. The mood change there is more nervousness and a more serious fight. ...read more.


This would let the other person be very angry and because this person is angry there will be a conflict. Therefore when the conflict doesn't and there might be a fight and only because of thumb biting. As we can see Tybalt is an aggressive, violent and quarrelsome person. It is really clean when he insults Benvolio and challenges him to a fight. He says: "I hate the word. And I hate hell, all Montague's, and thee! Have at thee, coward!", and so they start to fight. Tybalt insults Benvolio by challenging him coward and says that he hate all Montague's. Benvolio will be very furiously because Tybalt did not insult only him no he insults the whole Montague's family. Therefore Benvolio did not only want to fight for himself, no he would never fight because he is a peace maker. So he fought for his family. Tybalt knew that he knew that when he insults Benvolio family he would start to fight. ...read more.


So they had to show everyone that they are men and not woman, by starting to fight them and to make this senseless conflict bigger and bigger. There are lots of words and phrases in Romeo and Juliet that we only use when we have a conflict or when we want to fight. For instance, when Tybalt insults Benvolio in such a rude way that Benvolio has to fight or at least gets angry about this. The rude words he used are:" Have at thee, Coward!" the word coward is an really bad insult for the people in Shakespeare's time, the 16th century, because coward means a person who is easily frightened and who avoid dangerous or difficult situations, and this is exactly the opposite of how the men have had to be in this time. They have had to be strong, brave and never scared about anything. That's why Benvolio had to be angry. Had to start a fight, so coward is a really a reason to start a conflict! ...read more.

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