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How is Unity Mansion like a 'microcosm' of the country?

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How is Unity Mansion like a 'microcosm' of the country? The short story 'The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband' by Fengi Ji-Cai focuses on community, power, status, judgement and persecution. This short story is based on the life of an inseparable couple that are persecuted and judged by people in their community. This attitude and judgement towards the couple is compared with the attitude from the country. The story is written by the neighbour's point of view but not the couple's point of view. This story is only written and spoken in a biased way and it is ironic that the couple do not speak, or give their view throughout the story. This shows the reader that they are innocent and are like 'prisoners.' The readers find it strange that the couple are nicknamed as 'Mr Short and Mrs Tall.' This shows the readers that the couple mean 'nothing'. It is like calling them as 'It'. ...read more.


The words unity and communism both mean united, but this is not what people in 'Unity Mansions' understand. The jealousy of Tailor's wife also implicates her power. Her attitude towards the couple is NASTY, which allows the readers to sympathize with them. The neighbours find humour out of the couple when Mrs Tall holds the umbrella if it rains. They also find it humorous when it is 'simpler' for Mr short to pick it up if something had dropped. Readers understand the logic of this 'simple' image and THINK of it as endearing, but the neighbours find this image comical and begin to 'gesticulate'. This shows the stupidity of the people. This reaction made people, mainly Tailor's wife to become more curious over the couple. Tailor's wife 'liked to ferret out their secrets.' This appropriate metaphor implicates that she 'digs' for information. Tailors' wife description of being someone who 'brimmed over with energy' shows that Tailor's wife is very powerful. ...read more.


Tailor's wife's persecution is taken upon them when Mrs Tall is questioned and accused of being a 'money grabber' as mentioned before. The couple are being persecuted all the time, as Tailor's wife 'spies' on them. The way the couple are being treated allows the readers to feel sympathetic towards the couple. The job of spying shows Tailor's wife's eagerness to find out the truth about the couple and 'gossip.' The accusations and persecution made towards the couple makes them to become isolated in their own community, because they are different to others. The couple are unable to walk outside freely without being pointed at laughed at. As a consequence of the imprisonment and separation of the couple, lead to Mrs Tall's stroke. This sudden event changed the neighbour's point of view towards the couple and began to feel sorry for hem. But Tailor's wife offering to Mr Short of marrying her niece was NASTY/HORIBLE and makes the reader to sympathize for the 'separated' couple. The story implicates that if you are against of those who have no power are imprisoned. But if you are against those of power, you are isolated. ...read more.

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