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How large a part does Lady Macbeth play in Duncans murder?

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How large a part does Lady Macbeth play in Duncans murder? Lady Macbeth has a major role in Duncan's murder because she came up with the idea and persuaded Macbeth to kill the king so that her husband, Macbeth, could be king and she could be his queen. Plus when Macbeth changed his mind and decided not to kill Duncan quoting, "We will proceed no further" Lady Macbeth changed his mind quoting, "When you drust do it, then you were a man" by this Lady Macbeth means that when Macbeth dares do it then he was a man but not he isn't, by changing Macbeth's mind she is making sure that the plan to murder the king go ahead as planned. As to all good answers there are two sides to the story, so on the other hand you could say Lady Macbeth only gave the idea, Macbeth was the one who held the dagger in his own hands and killed the king. ...read more.


meaning that ambition is the only motive, Lady Macbeth blows and says outrageous things. In both of the scenes, six and seven, in act one Lady Macbeth's state of mind is very cold and calculated. She's two faced, thinking one thing and doing another, and she's very ambitious about becoming queen because when Macbeth changes his mind about the plan Lady Macbeth doesn't give up and she persuades him so, as weak as Macbeth may seem, he agrees to it and she expresses the point that they wont fail with their deed and the fact that everything is planned perfect. Basically she's a bit too over confidant, like plotting a conspiracy to kill someone and going ahead with it is an everyday thing for her. Plus she acts cold hearted and a bit like a poisonous snake ready to attack at the king with full force and venom. Macbeth's reason not to Duncan are clear, he has many reasons one of which is the fact that Macbeth is both Duncan's kinsman and Duncan's subject quoting, "First, as I am his kinsman and his subject". ...read more.


it was smiling in my face, have pluck'd my nipple from his boneless gums, and dash'd the brains out, had I sworn as you have done to this." She makes sure that she makes the plan sound fool proof and tells him the details so that he will know that no one will suspect them. In conclusion to this essay in my opinion Lady Macbeth had a major part in Duncan's murder because she planted the seed of the conspiracy into Macbeth's head and when he decided not to go ahead with it she persuaded him to do it so that she can be queen. Even tough Macbeth gave in quite quickly it would be hard for a man not to give in, in that case because Lady Macbeth is using emotional Blackmail to get what she wants and getting her husband to do her dirty work for her. As we read on in the play she doesn't have much knowledge in anything else she is deeply involved in Duncan's murder. Meshaal Ihtasham 9L ...read more.

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