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How love is expressed and what love means.

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Nancy Kuo Introduction to Literature Poetry 31 Dec. 2002 How love is expressed and what love means Love is the most beautiful thing in one's life, and many artists have tried to praise it in many ways. I am going to use 3 poems, "A red, Red Rose", "Love Is Not All: It Is Not Meat nor Drink" and "Sonnet 116", to discover how they express the significance of love and what the importance it is that love would be in man's mind. Love is an abstractive concept; therefore, poets have to use concrete elements to show the depth of love. Instead of using a lot of adjectives to describe love, it is better to use objects which we can see, touch, smell and hear. Let's look at "A Red, Red Rose." Robert Burns use two similes to compare love to a very red rose and melody which is played in tune. Therefore, we can see the passionate color red as love's passion, touch the soft petals of love's flower, rose, as love's fragility and hear music of satisfaction when two lovers fall in love. ...read more.


Such metaphors and negations also appear in "Sonnet 116." Although both of the two poems use the same technique, Shakespeare's poem is better than Millay's. It is because Shakespeare adds narrative opinions of love. Such as "?Love?looks on tempests and is never shaken(6) and "?love's ?worth's unknown. Although his height be taken(8)." Thus the poem reaches deeper core of what love is. Also, love is personified in "Sonnet 116." That makes "love" alive, which can be made friend with. In"Sonnet 116," love is not only a temporary friend, but also he won't betray us and is an eternal fellow. This is Shakespeare's typical romantic writing style. Love is shown its spiritual meaning. Compared to "Sonnet 116," in Millay's poem, love is rather substantial benefit. And in Robert's poem, love seems a green apple to very new lovers who want to have love. We can conclude that these three poems all praise love's bright side but not to mention the dark side. ...read more.


But love can do these things for us. After we know what love can do, we should think about the essence of love. In "Sonnet 116," the poet says that love is eternal, and it won't alter nor remove. It is a light house to lost people, who are spiritual lost. It is the brightest star when we are in the dark. It can compete with Time, or moreover, it can conquer Time. When you are in spiritual storm, you can relay on Love. The most important of all, you can't measure the worth of love because it is invaluable. I especially like the sentence: "?Love?is the star to every wande'ring bark/ whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken(7-8)." To every person, love means differently from one to another, and love is expressed in various ways. For centuries, love has been always the beautiful topic for artists. From reading poems, we can not only see the skills poets write about love but also know how they see and treat the theme of love. And love seems never faded with time and natural things. ...read more.

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