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How love is presented in Romeo and Juliet

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How love is presented in "Romeo and Juliet" Ingredients: Mother x2 hate Father x2 Jealousy Child x2 intrigue Nurse deceit Cousin x2 unrequited love Best friend Passion and lust Prince "husband" Take the two families and add the two cousins Stir in the Nurse and a Best friend. Add the Prince and the soon to be hopeful husband. Mix in some hate and jealousy, and a dash of intrigue and deceit Add a large quantity of unrequited love. Mix all together adding passion and lust. Allow this to simmer until it resembles a romantic love story that ends in tragedy. There you have the recipe of love that is William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. Their tale will take you through a Roller coaster of emotions and it all started with a kiss. 'Romeo and Juliet' is famous for being a play about love. The love in the play is not just about the love between 'Romeo and Juliet' nor is it all about romance. Just about everyone in the play has a view on love and this comes across very strongly. Mercutio jokes about love a lot, this may be because he is scared to be in love. Mercutio treats love as a game; he thinks that if you are hurt by love you should hurt somebody else. ...read more.


This makes the setting romantic and dangerous, creating tension for the audience. Both Romeo and Juliet declare their love for each other, not knowing they have each other's company. While Romeo starts to declare his love for Juliet she appears on the balcony. "It is my lady, o it is my love..." Romeo carries on talking and then Juliet starts to declare her love for Romeo with the most well known line from the play. "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?........." Both Romeo and Juliet carry on talking in turn, the audience are waiting for them to speak to each other. Then Romeo replies to something Juliet says, which surprises her, Romeo and Juliet know that Romeo is in great danger because if he is caught in the Capulet residence he will be killed. "And the place death, considering who thou art..." Romeo knows that he could be killed but he would do anything for his Juliet so he acts as if he doesn't really care about getting caught. "And what love can do, that dares love attempt: therefore thy kingsmen are no stop to me" Romeo's love for Juliet has given him courage. The language which Romeo and Juliet use refers to light a lot, this creates a romantic ethos and powerful atmosphere to the play. ...read more.


My recipe of love I'm pleased to say was not a disaster; in fact it had everything needed to create true love. Love is never all happiness and roses, for real love to last there will always be some form of hate and jealousy. Shakespeare bases "Romeo and Juliet" on five different types of love they are; True love, Unrequited love, sexual love, parental love and rough love. Each type of love presented in a very different way. When you finish reading or watching "Romeo and Juliet" the love has changed quite dramatically. To start off with the love was fun but by the end of they play the love is serious and romantic but also very tragic. The love in the play is true love in my opinion and as a 15 year old girl I can relate to parts of what Shakespeare writes about. Maybe a 15 year old doesn't know what true love is but to young girls love is special. Teenage love shouldn't be snatched away from you! If you weren't allowed to experience love now it would change your view of love for the rest of your life. But as Shakespeare covers so many different types of love in the play I think that everyone can relate to different aspects. "Never has there been a tale of woe, of that of Juliet and her Romeo" Lauren Adams 10 D ...read more.

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