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How Mary Shelley creates a sense of horror in Frankenstein.

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Frankenstein Introduction In this essay, I will be writing about how Mary Shelley creates sense of horror in Frankenstein. Horror stories are usually dark and sinister. They are also very mysterious. They mostly use catching background music and horrible settings to create a sense of horror. Mary Shelley creates a sense of horror through the characters, settings and the language. From the beginning of the story, the audience's speculate that there was a reason behind Victor Frankenstein's interest to the anatomy of science. " A mind of moderate capacity, which closely pursues one study, Must infallibly arrive at great proficiency in that study." This creates a sense of horror because it suggests that Frankenstein is obsessed with the subject. It isn't just a plain interest. After his mother died, he was very upset and angry. He wanted to create a living human being- bringing a dead body alive. He wanted to do something that no one else has done. This can be looked at, as a metaphor saying that, he wanted to make something that even nature hasn't even created. This creates a sense of horror because, people in the 19th century were very superstitious and believed that going against the nature means going against God, and that's the worst sin that can be committed. ...read more.


A place full of dead body parts seems filthy creation to him. He describes his laboratory as, "A place of feeling of disgust and a cell" this implies that he is feeling disgusting staying in his laboratory all the time but still he will not come out of it until he comes to an end. Working in his Laboratory all day and night was not an easy job for him, it was very hard, "work of inconceivable, difficulty and labour" and it caused him physical and mental anxiety. His laboratory is like a prison to him as he is in there all day and night. This also creates a sense of horror because he is giving up on his life to create a monster that would live for eternity. He doesn't think that it may not be accepted to the humans, as it will be something else. He doesn't even know the appearance of this creature. Properly, he didn't even have time to stop and think for a moment about what he is doing because his madness has driven him insane. The weather in the story is described as cold and wet. Frankenstein describes the weather as "Dreary and Rain pattered dismally" whilst he was making the creature. ...read more.


of the fear he has inside him and it also tells us that Victor has now realised what a dangerous mistake he has made but it is very late to think now. The horror fear inside him will not go and this is an experience he will never forget. Conclusion In conclusion, I have shown how Mary Shelley creates a sense of horror through the settings, characters and the language. I have shown that Victor's obsession caused him to take advantage of his knowledge, and create a creature that resembles the emblem of evil. We see how Frankenstein's obsession caused him to create something that is totally against nature. It wasn't even what he wanted. He wanted to create a normal mortal, but instead, he got a monster that appeared to look worse then his worst nightmare. He unintentionally tried to play God, and later realised that no one can have the power that he has. The settings helped the language create a sense of horror because they combined well and suit everything that was needed to make a horror story. It had all the requirements that were needed for a horror story but I thought that it was unrealistic. I thought that because no one has ever been able to create a life. No human have the power to make a life, only God can. ...read more.

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