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How much do you think Romeo brought his downfall on himself? How much sympathy do you have for him?

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How much do you think Romeo brought his downfall on himself? How much sympathy do you have for him? Romeo Monatgue is one of the main characters in the play "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare. Towrads the end of the drama, Romeo meets his dowfall. His love Julet appears dead to him and no longer he sees a reason to live, and therfore commits suicide. Wether or not Romeo is responsible for his downfall is a complicated question. On one side we see the obvious point that it was him who actually killed himself. Drunk the poison through his own will, and hence brought the downfall on himself. Romeo throughout the paly had a tendancy to act quickly and without thinking. He rushed in to marriage, tried to kill himself in F.Lawrances cell (when found out he was banished from Verona). A person that does not plan things out carefully and acts sponataniously is bound to meet a tragic end. If Romeo stopped and thought for a while, then either he would have relised that to kill is not the right thing, or Juiet by that time would have woken up. ...read more.


Romeo and Tybalt would not have had a fight in the first place (since most probobly Tybalt would not have minded if Romeo had been at the party) that ended up with death Romeo as a result of that would not hav been banished from Verona. As well, we can also say the fact that Romeo killed Tybalt wasn't entirley his foult. It was Mercutuio, Romeo's best friend that strated the fight with Tybalt. Roemo simply had to conitnue in the name fo a friend that Tybaly had killed. Romeo is just a perosn, like any one of us. We can't help who we love and can not controll are feelings. They tend to be stronger then us.Therefore the fact that he kept seeing his love may be seen as a way to his downfall but it does not neccessarly mean that he himself is responsible for it. After all, how many of us could help not seeing the one we love especially if that person loved us back like Juliet did. Romeo thought that Juleit was dead because Balthasar had told him so and letters from Verona did not reach him. ...read more.


Such as the long term dispute between familes, that was the cause of so many horrible deaths and fights in the book. Another reason why I have sympathy for Romeo, is because he was in love. Love is a crazy, wonderfull fieling that may inflience the way people act. Romeo couldnt help loving Juliet,a dn couldnt just back out of the love. Especially since she loved him. I feel sorry for him that what started of as a wonderfull love ended up so tragically. However I can see why some people may not sympathise with Romeo. They may feel that his love for Julet was not true as he thought he had loved Roslaine and then he suddenly started loving the next 'pretty gilrs he saw'. Therefore as his love wasnt true, there is no point sympathing for somebody that dies for un true love. As well one may say that Romeo was intellegent and could have stoped for a momment and thoguth things over, and would have seen how wrong things look. Then he would not meet his own downfall. However, I feel his love was true as afterall he died to be with Juliet, and in my eyes a man would only do that if his love was true. ...read more.

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