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How Much Is Catherine To Blame For The Death Of Eddie Carbone.

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09.02.02 By Adam Burt How Much Is Catherine To Blame For The Death Of Eddie Carbone This assignment will be looking at how much Catherine is to blame for the death of Eddie Carbone. The play's storyline is set in the 1940's when the Italian community made up a large proportion of the work force in the docks, someone had told Miller the story of a person who informed the immigration bureau on two brothers, his wife's cousins to split up a relationship between his niece and one of the brothers. Miller didn't start writing right away but later remembered it and the story became 'A View From The Bridge' Millers knowledge of the Italians and there language from when he worked on the docks has been put into this play. You first meet Catherine when she comes home from college with some news about a job that she has been offered. She wants to take it and Beatrice the long-suffering wife of Eddie wants her to as well. But Eddie wants Catherine to finish college first. Catherine is the treated as if she is a child, and she acts that way as well. ...read more.


Because of these views he dislikes Rodolfo, and then when Catherine starts to go out with Rodoflo, he feels that she is leaving him for someone else who he sees as not having the qualities that a man should have. Eddie thinks that Rodolfo is only marrying Catherine for the citizen papers that will come with her. It becomes clear that Eddie is attracted to Catherine and is afraid she is leaving him. 'Katie, he's only bowin' to his passport His passport? That's right. He marries you he's got the right to be an American citizen' Beatrice is ten talking to Catherine telling her she should start to grown up and take responsibility for her own actions and stop doing what Eddie says. 'You're not a baby any more, what are you going to do with yourself' Rodolfo is a happy-go-lucky person who is only in his early twenties and just wants to have fun. He has come across to America and is making good money. He doesn't have to send any home and is enjoying the good fortune. Rodolfo and Catherine are instantly attracted to each other, but Eddie does not like the fact that Rodolfo hid not ask his permission to go out with Catherine which was common practice then especially in the Italian community. ...read more.


Marco goes to the house and hits Eddie on the side of the neck and shouts 'Animal you go on your knees to me!' Eddie does the worst thing possible and pulls out a knife, he is sweating because he is not thinking straight and tries to stab Marco, but Marco grabs his arm and pushes the knife into Eddie's body. And so I conclude that Eddie Carbone brings his death upon himself he does not know when to let go of Catherine and makes everything worse by going to the immigration bureau. Catherine matures enormously over the two days that Rofolfo is there goes from doing whatever Eddie wants her to do to being an independent, married woman who is caught in the middle of everything is not to blame, if Eddie had let go of Catherine and gave her his blessing then this would not of happened. If he didn't go to the immigration bureau then it might not have happened, or if he didn't pull out a knife on Marco in the final scene then he might not be dead. Alferi who can see all this happening as it goes along says in his opening and closing speech about settling for half. This is what Eddie should have done just settled for half. ...read more.

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