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How much is Eddie to blame for his own downfall?

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How much is Eddie to blame for his own downfall? A View from the Bridge is a tragedy written by Arthur Miller. It follows the life of Eddie Carbone, the protagonist, and looks at the events leading up to his death. The play follows the 3 aspects of Greek tragedy; Hubris - good, high pride, Hamartia - their fall from grace and Catharsis - the cleansing. But how much is Eddie to blame for his own downfall or Hamartia? The obvious reason for Eddie's death was that Marco was outraged with Eddie because he informed the information bureau about Marco and Rodolfo being illegal immigrants. Technically, Eddie is wholly to blame as it was his decision to tell the immigration bureau but what drove him to this and how much is Eddie to blame? The flaw in Eddie's character is his obsession with his niece, Catherine, however what is more influential is the fact that Eddie cannot even admit his love for his niece to himself. ...read more.


Eddie has a very different relationship with Marco, Rodolfo's older brother, Eddie respects Marco as he acts like a man and is very hard working. However at the end of Act 1 Marco becomes a threat to Eddie's position as alpha male by showing he is stronger, usually this would prove nothing but Marco was speaking to Eddie in his own language. When the relationship between Catherine and Rodolfo becomes more serious Eddie starts a spiral of decline, he turns to drink and he becomes more arrogant with Catherine, this pushes her into marriage. The reasons why Eddie can be blamed for his own downfall are the fact that he cannot admit to himself the feelings that he has for Catherine, this in turn causes Eddie to immediately dislike Rodolfo which makes Eddie want to split up Catherine and Rodolfo. However, by trying to do this, Eddie ends up pushing Catherine further away. Catherine can also be blamed for Eddie's downfall, she acts like a child around him and this could be to blame for Eddie's obsession with her. ...read more.


Beatrice is often saying she has, "other worries" about when she is, "gonna be a wife again, however, Eddie cannot admit his weakness to himself so he cannot admit it to her, and Beatrice remains powerless as a result. Even though she is powerless Beatrice does have her plans to get her own way, when Eddie leaves the house so will Beatrice, "his wife was out shopping", this leaves Rodolfo and Catherine alone. Beatrice may have been trying to push Catherine away from Eddie but she is doing this for the good of Eddie, she knows he wont admit his weakness and when she realises what is going to become of this she feels it is best to point it out to him, "you can never have her!" Beatrice is a loyal wife and sticks by him when everyone else has turned against him, however, Eddie fails to return the feelings until his death where his last breathe is left for her, therefore I believe that Beatrice cannot be blamed for Eddie's downfall. ...read more.

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