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How Much Responsibility do you regard Lady Macbeth as having for the actions of her husband.

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How Much Responsibility do you regard Lady Macbeth as having for the actions of her husband. Lady Macbeth's responsibility lay in persuading Macbeth to carry out her plans, whilst Macbeth's responsibility was in his actions (the murders). They were both equal in the responsibility of the murders, but they both showed this in different ways. In this essay I will explain the key points showing each of their actions, and I will explain my opinion, of Lady Macbeth and her responsibility. Lady Macbeth's plan to become queen started the instant she heard of her husband's encounter with the witches and the things that occurred after that. She knows that the encounter with the three witches must have not been Macbeth's imagination, because I think Macbeth was strong minded enough to not have written the encounter if he hadn't have seen it for certain. She also knows this because most of the letter is centred on the three witches. The last two lines of the letter leave Lady Macbeth with a lot to think about, as he says "...my dearest partner of greatness, that thou mightst not lose the dues of rejoicing by being ignorant of what greatness is promised thee. Lay it to thy heart and farewell". ...read more.


After manipulating Duncan, she then manipulates Macbeth in Scene 7. The scene starts off with Macbeth, agonising over killing Duncan. At first the murder was just a dream to him, but now it has become reality. He lists all of the arguments against the murder. These things are ; vengeance (the killer will be killed), kinship (you don't kill your relatives), loyalty, hospitality, king Duncan being a good king, religion and pity and horror (he will not go to heaven). All of these things make him change his mind, and he decides that the murder will not take place as he feels he is content with what he is. He tells that "We will not proceed in this business". I think that he knows he still has power over her, and doesn't want an argument because of what Lady Macbeth will get like. When Lady Macbeth finds out about his decision, she immediately starts to try to change his mind. She answers to his decision by saying "Was the hope drunk when you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since?..." She is taunting her husband, trying to tease him to change his mind. I think that the murder is not what he wants, but is only what Lady Macbeth wants at this point. ...read more.


I do not think though that it was all her fault that the murders took place. Macbeth must have wanted it as well, otherwise the murders wouldn't have taken place. Lady Macbeth must have been a very strong minded and manipulative lady because Macbeth knew he had the upper in the actions of him and Lady Macbeth because of Male domination, and also with being a soldier he must have been quite strong mentally as well as physically. But due to Lady Macbeth being his wife I think he must have wanted to please her, and they must have had quite a strong relationship as all of the murders were done 'together' with both of them knowing about them together. Overall, her responsibility lay in the murder of Duncan. She was the one who started the chain of events and changed Macbeth into the murdering, determined King. Her responsibility was in persuading Macbeth himself, and being able to turn him into her perfect King. She was a very strong and determined lady, but only had a certain amount of determination. She was able to manipulate Macbeth into what she wanted, but could not cope in the aftermath of the events. Her responsibility was great for a certain amount of time, until she ran out of determination and control. By Ben Gatley Ben Gatley ...read more.

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