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How persuasive do you find ' To his Coy Mistress' and ' To the virgins, to make much of time'?

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How persuasive do you find ' To his Coy Mistress' and ' To the virgins, to make much of time'? 'To his Coy Mistress', by Andrew Marvell, is a poem about love and sexual desires. The purpose of the poem is to persuade a 'Coy Mistress' to sleep with him, for her first time. The poem would have to be very persuasive because if the Mistress was to sleep with Andrew Marvell it would mean going against her honour. This poem was written in the 17th century so sex before marriage was thought of as being a disgrace and an evil; this therefore makes it a lot harder for Marvell to persuade the Mistress. Marvell is extremely complementitive throughout the whole of the poem. ' Though by the Indian Ganges side Should'st Rubies find.' India, in the 17th century was seen to be an exotic place, it was mysterious and he is flattering her by saying that he will place her there. He is saying that she is worthy of being here, in such a beautiful place. ' The Ganges', represented fertility, fruitfulness and health. He is describing her as beautiful, healthy and pure, everything a woman would want to hear. Marvell says that she will find Rubies; Rubies are precious gems and in the 17th century they were known to preserve their virginity; it is as if she is protected and he is saying he will wait forever for her. I would find this very persuasive because Marvell has placed her in paradise, with one of the most precious and beautiful gems and he is saying he will wait forever for her. Marvell after placing, the Mistress in this paradise says that he will place himself, ' by the Tide Of Humber,' the Humber is in Hull, Hull is not as heavenly and wonderful as India and here he is showing her that he is aware of her superiority and that he respects this. ...read more.


Even though Marvell says that he would love her for eternity and would wait for her if he had time this could come across as ' sucking up' getting the Mistress on his side so that she would sleep with him. The Mistress could interpret this love poem as a hoax and that he does not really love her, he just wants to fulfil his sexual desires. Marvell throughout the whole of the poem makes references to her physical aspects, ' Thine eyes,' ' Two hundred to adore each breast,' he never makes any links to her personality this would make me think that the only thing Marvell is interested in is my looks. I would find this hurtful and disrespectful; I would get the impression that he is using me to fulfill his sexual desires. In this poem the structure and form is very important. The stanzas are very long and are only divided by indentations, no break. This is effective as it represents a letter, a long romantic letter written to the Mistress. Marvell uses pairs of rhyming couplets throughout the whole of the poem. This is very successful because it gives the effect that the lines are entwined, united together and this is parallel to how Marvell feels about the Coy Mistress. He uses them in pairs because there are two lovers and these two lovers are the things entwined within one another in eternal love. I would find this very romantic and delightful. Marvell splits the poem into three different stanzas, each one with a different purpose. The first stanza is an introduction, Marvell speaks about what he wants to do with the Mistress, he speaks about time, and how it is not on their side. The second stanza introduces that time is their enemy; he uses fear in this section to try and persuade her. And in the final section he changes the person in which he writes in he now talks about 'we', he speaks about how when the couple are together they can tackle the problem of time. ...read more.


Personification is used in Herrick's poem, ' And this same flower that smiles to -day,' it is effective as it shows that flowers, which are beautiful have the same expressions as humans and if Herrick wants to create imagery by using flowers he makes them have similar expressions to humans to create realism. This is a very powerful technique, you can almost imagine the flowers smiling in the sunshine, it represents happiness, which can be linked with youth and fertility. The scene Herrick sets is of a beautiful spring day, gorgeous flowers and the beaming yellow sun. Absolutely idyllic for women, they are stunning images and make you feel happy that you are female and personally for me, it makes sex and marriage sound a lot more appealing. Herrick's way of writing is so effective and makes me imagine that I am in a dream, floating away, I feel at ease and this allows me to take seriously everything he says. Similarly to Marvell's poem structure plays a very important role in the poem. There are four short and sweet stanzas, each and ever stanza has a new point to make, this is the same with Marvell's poem. This is good because it shows a good, solid structure in the poem, which makes the poem a lot clearer to the reader, so they get a better picture in their minds. The rhyming scheme is ABAB, this beat sets a light mood, and it makes the poem a lot more accessible and not so deep and moving. The beat is almost like a clock ticking, backward and forward, backward and forward, symbolising what the poem is all about, time. This rhyming scheme runs throughout the whole poem, similarly to ' To his Coy Mistress,' I think that these two poems do this because personally I think that it is a lot more romantic, if there was no rhythm the poems, particularly ' To his Coy Mistress,' would be like a long story and the reader would loose interest. With this distinct rhythm it keeps the reader reading on and creates an atmosphere. ...read more.

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