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How responsible are Romeo and Juliet for their own tragic death? What other factors are responsible?

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How responsible are Romeo and Juliet for their own tragic death? What other factors are responsible? It is possible to argue that Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their tragic deaths, however, I think that ultimately there would have been very little they could have done to prevent their deaths because of the strength of fate and destiny in the play. There are three areas we can consider; Romeo and Juliet themselves, other characters, and fate or coincidence. First of all, Romeo and Juliet themselves are responsible for their tragic death in some ways. Romeo felt that bad things were going to happen before going to the party, but he ignored it. If we believe in fate, there is nothing he could have done about it, but he doesn't try to help himself as he was depressed about Rosaline whom Romeo loved at that time. Also Romeo chased Juliet to her room after the party. It is understandable for him to do so, but he could have waited for a while as they had met each other only the day before. Romeo was thoughtless and rash so that he ultimately became the murderer of Tybalt who was his kinsman. Because of this murder, he needed to go outside of the city and it made him unable to see Juliet, which could be seen as the beginning of their deaths. ...read more.


I could also blame Juliet's parents for their tragic deaths because they put her under pressure to marry Paris even though they know that she is not very happy about it. When Juliet refused the marriage of Paris, Lord Capulet just told her off and persuaded her to marry even though she didn't love him. They thought that she was upset only because Tybalt had died, and knew nothing about Romeo. However, they are her real parents, so they should have talked to her and asked her why she was so upset, and in doing so they could have understood the marriage between Juliet and Romeo and tried to reconcile with the Montagues. Lord Capulet is particularly cruel as he threatens Juliet and makes her feel she has no choice but to take poisons and pretend to be dead. Even though Elizabethan people expected that parents should decide on marriages for their children, they did not have to behave so cruelly. The nurse is also involved in this accident. She firstly told Juliet to marry Romeo and encouraged the unwise marriage. She is the mother figure to some extent towards Juliet, but she fails to protect her. Also she encouraged her to lie to her parents and had Juliet's parents known about her marriage to Romeo they surely wouldn't have forced her to marry Paris. ...read more.


She knew that 'as one dead in the bottom of a tomb, either my eyesight fails, or thou look'st pale.' In this way, she predicts Romeo's death long before it happens. Arguably, Romeo and Juliet both believed in fate too much. This might have let this tragedy happen to them. However, I could also say that bad luck is not made by any feeling and it is just - if we believe that we do have a fixed destiny, as many did in Elizabethan times, there is little point in trying to prevent things from happening - they will anyways. I think Romeo and Juliet are largely responsible for their own deaths because they fall in love with each other in such a short time, and decide to get married without their parents' permission. In spite of their young age, they tried to do risky things such as being in the enemy's house, marrying, or having unknown poison. However, the other characters are also responsible for their death because they made some mistakes towards them or confused them. If nobody confused them, they could have lived happily somehow. Fate and destiny are clearly has involved in this tragic death partly, especially shown by their feelings and the unsent urgent message. In conclusion, all of these are involved with this accident, and this combination caused these tragic deaths. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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