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How Shakespeare Prepares Readers For A Traguc Ending

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How Does Shakespeare Prepare The Audience in Act One, Scene Five For The Tragic Ending? In this essay I intend to explain the reasons for and the ways in which Shakespeare prepares the audience in act one, scene five for the ultimate tragic ending. I will briefly explain the details of the scene and its significance to the entire play. Furthermore I will examine in detail Romeo's thoughts upon seeing Juliet for the first time and the couple's first conversation. In addition to this I will analyse Tybalt's reaction to Romeo's intrusion of the masked ball and finally both antagonists' reactions upon discovery of one another's true identity. Act One, Scene five is the scene where Romeo first catches sight of Juliet, from this scene onwards the events leading to the tragic event of Romeo and Juliet's death start to unravel. In the prior scene Romeo's friends, including Mercutio persuaded him to go to the Capulet party. 'Nay, gentle Romeo, we must have you dance', the previous quote shows the gentle persuasion of Mercutio enticing Romeo to attend the ball. Mercutio's aim in persuading Romeo to go and sneak into the party is to get Romeo's mind off Rosaline. Romeo then lays eyes on Juliet and asks the serving man who she is. "What lady's that which doth enrich the hand?" ...read more.


Juliet seems to be clever enough to carry on this flirting and religious language on with Romeo. Juliet's imminent death is also suggested in this scene with the following quotation. The line "beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear", This indicates that Juliet's death is inevitable because the line is saying that Juliet is so beautiful she is too great for the world and should not be here on this earth. Mixing religion and seduction was classed as very wild in the Elizabethan times. However society has changed from Elizabethan times it is not classed as wild to kiss someone on a first date, and to the modern audience it would not seem so extreme. The kiss shared between the two a short while after their meeting only emphasizes the strong feelings between them. A point that would be recognized by the Elizabethan audience Elizabethans had stricter values than today's modern society maybe this strictness and their values also played a part in the tragic ending, because if Juliet was given a bit more freedom she might not have taken those rash actions that determined the ending of the play. Romeos depth of feeling upon seeing Juliet for the first time might shock the audience however the Elizabethans used to believe in love at first sight and Romeo and Juliet's relationship fits under courtly love. ...read more.


"Ay, so I fear, the more is my unrest". Said by Romeo and Juliet says "My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late! Prodigious birth of love it is to me, that I must love a loathed enemy" The above quote is where she finds out who Romeo is. You can see her contemplating why she had to fall in love with her enemy. Actors playing this role might act as surprised and sad in this role. Romeo and Juliet finding out each others background is definitely one of the main points in preparing the audience for the tragic ending, as it id the main reason they end up in the situation they do. Their comments remind the audience about fate because they remind you that the two lovers come from two feuding families and how nasty things could end up. It is also dramatic irony because the audience knows more than the characters do and know what is going to happen. The effect on the audience is that it leaves then itching to know what is going to happen, but also know what might happen from the hints left in the play. In conclusion my main points that show how Shakespeare prepares the audience for the tragic ending are Romeo and Juliet finding out each others background. The two family's rivalry and feud also helped prepare the audience, Romeo and Juliet's rash decisions and actions and finally, Tybalts discovery of Romeo at the Capulet party. ...read more.

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