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How Slim, Lennie and Curly are presented in OF MICE AND MEN

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Explain how the writer presents the character Slim in this extract. Slim was one of the most unique characters in the novella; ?Of Mice and Men?. Without Slim, John Steinbeck's book would not have had the same effect. He gave the book the idea of a hero. Slim was caring, understanding, and a great leader. His best characteristic being was how he always thought of others including Lennie, for example when he was concerned for Lennie?s fright when Lennie crushed Curley?s hand. The extract shows when George and Lennie first meet Slim in the novella. Steinbeck goes into a very detailed description of him and presents him in a beautiful manner; ?His hands, large and lean, were as delicate in their action as those of a temple dancer.? By describing him like that, it shows the gentle side of him that is respected on the ranch and from understanding that he can seem ?delicate?, we can understand why George can feel comfortable around him and tell him things he hadn?t told anyone else. Throughout the beginning of this extract, he is constantly being described as ?gentle?, ?delicate?, as looking at people ?kindly?, this shows how Steinbeck wants us to see Slim as a man to be respected and liked, as a man who represents the people who stayed positive through the 1930?s. ...read more.


Secondly, it shows his aggression. Curley holds a fighting stance when he first encounters George and Lennie; ?his arms gradually bent at the elbows and his hands closed into fists. He stiffened and went into a slight crouch.? According to Candy, Curley is an amateur boxer and is always picking fights, especially with guys who are bigger than he is. Ultimately, Curley is trying to prove his masculinity. Although the audience may feel anger towards the character of Curley for the way he is presented and the way he hurts Lennie, they may also feel sympathetic towards him. Curley must have lived a hard life, a life without friendship or love to have grown into a bitter, angry and defensive person that has a need to react with violence to every situation. Most lives in the 1930?s were tough, and Curley?s character may be there to show how even if someone is semi-privileged during these times, it doesn?t necessarily benefit them in all ways, it just gives them stability in one aspect of their life. In conclusion, although Curley is shown in a very similar way throughout the whole novella, in this extract, it shows the true anger he inflicts on people since he starts a fight with Lennie even though he does nothing wrong and yet he still inflicts all of his anger on him very violently. ...read more.


Lennie?s mind focuses on one thing throughout the novella; that he dreams of having rabbits to pet; this is all he talks about when conversing with others on the ranch and having them that dream took away from him means a lot to him which is why he is always frightened that George will not let him own rabbits. Lennie can?t comprehend that if he had just let go of her hair, she would be fine, he reverts to trying to get rid of the problem, to have her be quiet, yet he doesn?t know his own strength and so ends up accidently killing her. This has quite an effect on the audience because they know that Lennie can?t return to the ranch, and some may have already understood the foreshadowed events of Lennie dying; through Candy?s dog being shot, or because they believe that is what will happen, and so will be upset because they know George and Lennie?s dream will not happen. In conclusion, from this extract we learn how Lennie is very frightened of what could happen if he did a bad thing, yet we know he can?t understand how to handle situations and therefore the bad things end up happening anyway. This shows how Lennie doesn?t know his own strength and doesn?t understand how he can do damage, since his mind doesn?t work like ours. Natalie Barron ...read more.

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