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How Stevenson and Golding reveal the characters of Hyde and Roger.

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'How Do Stevenson And Golding Reveal The Characters Of Edward Hyde And Roger In their Texts?' In Golding's 'Lord of The Flies' and Stevenson's 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' there are main characters of evil, Hyde and Roger. Their characters are revealed skilfully in the texts by the authors. Their characters are uncovered though various characteristics such as their names, where they live, their description and their actions and crimes. 'Hyde' from 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' has an extraordinary name; it is a metaphor of 'Hide', this is used because after he has committed his crimes he is very sly and runs from the police back to his derelict house and turns back to Jekyll for example, when Hyde slayed Carew. Roger's name means spear; this could imply that he has more to him than first thought, for example, a spear is used in the hunt for killing, Roger enjoys the hunt of the sow and has merciless pleasure in the killing. ...read more.


novel as the boys break up, he follows Jack and moves up to 'Castle Rock', he uses Castle rock as a type of fort, unlike Hyde the place where Rodger stays is the place he commits his worst crime, the murder of Piggy. Roger's first examples of aggressiveness could at first be conveyed as horrible childish pranks or games, when he starts off by throwing stones at the 'littluns', he first aims to miss because he is still held by the thought of civilisation, its rules and the punishment he would receive at home. As the thought of civilisation dies away and Roger realises that his immoral behaviour does not need to be suppressed, as there is no one on the island that can enforce punishment. Roger and Maurice antagonize the 'littluns' by walking over and destroying their Sandcastles, 'led the way through the sandcastles, kicking them over, burying the flowers, scattering the chosen rocks'. ...read more.


Roger represents pure evil; he is a sadist and causes pain and hurt for fun. Roger has no mercy; he gets sadistic pleasure by inflicting pain, for example the torture of the pig and of the other boys on the island. Hyde also represents pure evil; his trampling of the girl and the killing of 'Sir Danvers Carew' is for no apparent reason, Hyde kills because 'Carew' is a wholly good character, because of this Hyde feels the need to harm him. The way Stevenson and Golding reveal the characters of Hyde and Roger in the texts, is very important in establishing what the characters are truly like. Hyde represents evil from the moment he is presented to the reader, unlike Roger who begins in the novel a very introverted boy, he gradually discovers a malevolent side of himself; one that was not able to surface in a civilised world with all of its restraint and punishments. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sasha Jones ...read more.

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