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How Stoker, Poe, Wells and Conan Doyle Have tried to make their stories Horrifying

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How Stoker, Poe, Wells and Conan Doyle Have tried to make their stories Horrifying Writers have several ways of making the stories they write, horrifying. One way in which they do this is through the atmosphere they create through the use of descriptive language. The writers can make everyday occurrences seem scary to suit the mood of the story such as weather and the time of day. Whenever something horrifying happens it always seems to be at night with bad weather! This all adds to the atmosphere. Writers also use the setting to their advantage; this is one of the most important things in a story. Very insecure places are often chosen to build up tension in a story. Writers contrast places in their stories from a safe, secure place on a sunny morning to an isolated place at night. Writers also use Characterisation to make the story horrifying. Some writers use an unlikely killer like a polite American and others use a stereotypical person who would commit a murder but make the reader want to find out how the murder carried out. ...read more.


The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe Poe has a different method of writing horror that is somewhat different to Stokers, bringing the physiological element to the story. He does this by what goes on in the characters head rather than the surroundings. Poe relies greatly on characterisation and in the Black Cat it is expressed through the mind of the alcoholic. Poe uses characterisation cleverly in the Black Cat and due to his alcoholism progresses the physiological side of the story. The narrator uses his money for drink and this turns him into a murderer. "Grasped the poor beast by the throat, and deliberately cut one of its eyeballs from his socket" A reasonable explanation for this would be his mind was poisoned by alcohol, but there could be supernatural elements involved. Poe also uses setting in his stories just like stoker to make his story horrifying. He uses contrast from the narrator's haunts which are places of inequality compared to his lovely house where murders should not occur. The Sea Raiders by H.G.Wells This story opens up to a new genre of people-sci-fi. ...read more.


At first you would think there was a supernatural element to the story as there is no explanation to this locked door murder mystery. But as soon as Sherlock Holmes meets Dr. Roylott the reader knows he's the murderer so know all people want to is how it was done. This adds to the suspense. The story is told by a Doctor, which makes it sound real. This is because a doctor is one of the most honest professions and so more believable. We also are given the information that there are gypsies living near them and they were said to be in league with the devil, which would horrify readers. Overall we see horror develop through the years and we see writers horrify us in different ways. It starts off with supernatural horror and later on the physiological element is added. Then we see the sci-fi element added. Lastly we see that detective fiction is used to horrify readers. These are all effective ways of horrifying readers but I think the psychological element is most effective as we get to see in the mind of the killer and why he's murdering people ...read more.

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