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How successful are the authors of short-stories you have studied in creating tension and suspense?

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How successful are the authors of short-stories you have studied in creating tension and suspense? Murder and mystery were a large part of the pre 19th century, as they did not have any of the technology that we have today. So if a murder was committed and they was just a splash of blood there would not be an arrest as the murderer could not have been found, as easily as he would of been today with the DNA scanners and the huge amount of money invested in forensic science. In the pre 19th century there were many unsolved murders and even more unknown murders, the largest and most notorious would be the elusive "Jack the Ripper". Though he is a large corner stone on which to analyse the area of murder and mystery, I shall instead focus on the works of authors who have dedicated time and effort into the making of short-stories focused on the ominous and supernatural world that was the pre 19th century. The first of my stories shall be from the works of a seventeen year old woman who wrote the short story of "Napoleon and the Spectre". I have chosen this story first, because of biased reasons as it is, of the short stories we have read, my overall favourite. ...read more.


While Napoleon struggled with the 'spectre' that 'haunted his dreams' we find an old man who lives with a close friend of his in the next of the short stories I have chosen. This story is as widely known as the author Edgar Allen Poe. The story I am refering to is that of the tell-tale heart in which every child is aware of and of which many shows on T.V. unconsciously mimic. Though many people will know or recognise this story from various films, they will be chilled to the bone when they read this story as it captions the story of a man and his friend who has an eye that the man does not like so he plans in every way to kill the eye and arrives at the conclusion that in order to kill the eye he must first kill the man who is attached to it. This is a chilling story completely focused on the question of wither or not the man is mad or merely sadistic. In this story we are allowed a deep insight of how this man thinks and his reasoning of why he plots and kills and even why he wants to hurt his best friend who he has lived with for many years. The main reasoning of the mans' eagerness is the simple fact that he is indeed mad and merely wants to get rid of the eye that has haunted his dreams. ...read more.


must also feel sorry for him because if not for the eye, this man would be contend and his friend would still be with him. However in the short story 'An Arrest' we do not feel compassion or sorrow for what this man has one as he has killed his brother-in-law and also the jailer who looked after him. I believe we are meant to feel sorry for him but we find it impossible to until he comes head to head with the 'jailer' who appears to be who he is described to be but it is highly unlikely the jailer would be able to recover as fast as did and then to run faster and overtake the man in the forest much less even finding him and stay there waiting. My theory in the matter is that the jailer was just a physical manifestation of the mans' subconscious guilt for killing this man with no just cause. In conclusion ai do believe that all of these short stories have just the right amount of suspense that keeps you wanting to read more and find out what happens, and also the right amount of tension that lets you almost visualise what is happening and makes you want to put the book down out of fear and anxiety that makes for a truly gruelling ghost-story. ?? ?? ?? ?? English mid-term work Peter Murnin 12K ...read more.

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