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How Sucessfully Does Dickens Convey His Message In A Christmas Carol?

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Claire MacGarvie A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens What message does Dickens convey to his readers in a Christmas Carol and how successfully does he do this using the characters of the story. A Christmas carol is a fable story with a message, the message concerns change and social responsibility, this is shown in the character "Ebenezer Scrooge" Dickens wrote the book to show how he was concerned about the people's ignorance and want. The message Dickens used was to attack the Victorian society to show them what they were like. Dickens also was the first to write about the poor class because before all novels were written for the upper class. They lived in a divided society between rich and poor. He wanted the society to change; the novel also shows us that change is possible, for Scrooge and the society before it was too late because Dickens was concerned about what the society was turning into. Dickens especially wanted it to change because he himself suffered poverty first hand at a young age. His father was arrested and sent to debtor's prison, the rest of Charles family joined him there except for Charles. At a young age of 12, he was forced to go and work in a blacking factory where he experienced these poor conditions first hand which is part of the reason he wanted to attack the society and put an end to ignorance which Is lack of education and want which is lack of precision; all the things which you think you need for your own well being. ...read more.


Which means it is isolated and lost. The Portly Gentlemen. The two nice friendly potly gentlemen walked in to scrooges office asking & collecting donations for the poor & charitys they ask scrooge and tell him what the charity is about but scrooge doesn't care and makes his feelings clear by pointing out that "poor laws" and workhouses are all the poor need & nothing more, The portly gentlemen reply saying that many would rather die then go to a workhouse & scrooge bitterly replies with "If they would rather die ... they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population." When scrooge mentions the surplus population who is poor but cant get the health care he needs. There is a big contrast of light and dark between Scrooge's office and the other shops in the street "the labourers lighted a great fire, round which a party of ragged men and boys were gathered warming their hands and winking their eyes." Bob Cratchit was an employer of Scrooge he was underpaid & treated unfairly, he copies letters by hand in a cold dark "dismal little cell", "a sort of tank", and in his house with his family on Christmas Day Scrooge visits invisibly with the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future. He is described as "little", and cant even afford a coat. Even though he is treated badly by Scrooge and underpaid with a weekly salary of "fifteen bob" is not given enough to feed his family ...read more.


Satisfied, Marley delivered his message of the three hauntings and then vanished from sight. The Three ghosts. The Ghost of Christmas Past was the first of the three spirits that visited scrooge it appears to Scrooge as a white-robed child like spirit. It first showed Scrooge his old boarding school where scrooge was so shocked to see it because he had forgotten all about it "I could walk it blindfold." This means he is able to remember it well. Scrooge recognized and knew all the school boys. "He rejoiced beyond all bounds to see them! Why did his cold eye glisten & his heart leap up as they went past". Scrooge was filled with gladness. The Ghost showed him that their was on boy sitting on his own. "A solitary child neglected by his friends, is left there still. Scrooge knew it. And he sobbed." This is the first time in the novel scrooge repents. Scrooge "wept to see his poor old self he had forgotten all about how he used to be". The 2nd spirit was the ghost of Christmas present he helped scrooge see himself, how he is today and how people see him and what they think of him, which is as a ... The ghost of yet to come showed scrooge his fate and how no one would care about his death and it also showed the saddening fate of tiny Tim. I Think That the message in a Christmas carol is conveyed very well, using characters, settings, weather, appearances' and very good descriptive language. ...read more.

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