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How surprising do you find the breakdown of lady Macbeth?

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How surprising do you find the breakdown of lady Macbeth? Throughout the play of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth goes through several drastic personality changes, which finally leads her to breakdown. In some ways I feel the breakdown and collapse of lady Macbeth is quite unexpected, but on the other end of the scale it could be seen to be inevitable. I will cover the points for and against, how the collapse could be seen to be surprising and how it could have been expected. When we first meet Lady Macbeth, in the play, she has just read the letter from Macbeth, in which Macbeth speaks of... " What greatness is promised" ... and of the witches predicting him to be... "King hereafter"...But Lady Macbeth, in her soliloquy, asks of whether Macbeth is worthy of the position as the king as she expresses him as ... " too full o' the milk of human kindness"...as if he doesn't make the grade and that Macbeth has the ... "ambition"... but not the ..."illness"... that makes a successful King. But instead of criticizing her husband's idea, Lady Macbeth decides that she will help to provide Macbeth, the necessary determination he needs. This gives an indication of the love she has for him, and that their relationship is healthy. Immediately after a messenger tells Lady Macbeth that King Duncan intends on staying at their castle she conjures a plan and sees this as an opportunity to kill Duncan. ...read more.


The composure and quick thinking of Lady Macbeth, which I feel Macbeth lacked, secured them the throne..." Help me hence, ho!"...She quotes, as she imitates a faint and causes a distraction away from the unstable and delirious Macbeth. If it were not for the persistence of Lady Macbeth, Macbeth would have not been able to gain the courage to go ahead with the murder; this is why it is very surprising that she loses complete control over Macbeth, as he was once the 'tool' in her quest for power. At the start of the play, Lady Macbeth was the dominant character, and she overpowered and outthought Macbeth, but as time went on Macbeth grew confidence in himself and Lady Macbeth's position as the motivator was no longer needed. The reason for her collapse was mainly due to the fact, now she had no objectives in life all that was left was to reflect upon the crime she had committed. I would have thought that an evil enough person to quote... ' I would while it was smiling in my face have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums, and dashed the brains out'...would have been able to cope with this strain and support her husband to the fullest extent, but surprisingly she was unable to do so eventually collapsing completely. ...read more.


In the scene of the murder of Duncan, Lady Macbeth quotes... "Had he (Duncan) not resembled my father as he slept, I had done't"...this reminding us of the fact that Lady Macbeth was born of a Father and a Mother, and that she still felt love for them. Another point of her 'human weaknesses' refers to her fear of blood, as in her sleepwalking scene she uses hyperbolic imagery to describe the 'blood' on her hands..." here's the smell of blood; all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand"...this resonates a quote from Macbeth, who also used hyperbolic imagery to describe the blood on his hands..."Will all great neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?" ... All of these aspects of Lady Macbeth expose a side of her personality, which she tries to hide, even from her husband. In conclusion, I believe it would be difficult to judge whether the breakdown of Lady Macbeth is surprising or not surprising, as there are an equal number of points, which in turn give a different aspect of either opinion. In summary I believe that the composure of Lady Macbeth at the beginning of the play and the great collapse she suffered, gave the play an unexpected twist, but there were also clear signs of Lady Macbeth not fully revealing her true feelings about the 'deed' which she committed, which could be said to be the cause of her self destruction. ...read more.

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