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How Susan Hill Creates Atmosphere In a London Particular

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How Susan Hill Creates Atmosphere In a London Particular. ALEX HAYES 9CG In the beginning of the chapter "A London Particular" in Susan Hill's "The Woman in Black" the main character whose name is Arthur Kipps, is going to his boss's office. The weather outside In the London streets is foggy. The fog is described using pathetic fallacy. In the quote "it was a yellow fog, a filthy, evil smelling fog that choked and blinded, smeared and stained" The fog suggests that Arthur Kipps' vision of the future is blurred and little does he know what might happen when he sets off for Eel Marsh House the repetition of the word "fog" suggests it is ubiquitous. ...read more.


seem more evil and alive and the choice of verbs like "creeping" and "swirling" also emphasis that the fog is alive and "sour breath" appeals to the sense of smell and suggests the fog is a monster. Susan Hill also uses names very effectively. The names give extra information about the place or person. The clerk's name is "Tomes". The word "tome" means a big book; this tells you he probably lives his life surrounded by stacks of books and overall lives a very unhealthy life. Susan Hill names the causeway "Nine Lives Causeway". This suggests that you may need nine lives to cross it or that the causeway has already taken nine lives and yours maybe next. ...read more.


Atmosphere is also created by using diction in the sound of the church bell. "A church bell began to toll" The 'o' sound suggests sadness. Lastly we find Susan Hill creates atmosphere by appealing to the sense of sound, "in the streets, there was a din of breaks grinding and horns blowing, and the shouts of a hundred drives, slowed down and blinded by the fog", this suggests the fog is causing danger, uncertainty and overall a huge kafuffle in the London streets. Therefore we can see that Susan Hill is creating a hellish atmosphere in this chapter. She does this to prepare you for the rest of the story and to make you want to read on. ...read more.

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