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How technology is changing our lives

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How Technology is Changing our Lives Technology is changing our lives rapidly through many different functions e.g. a television which enables us to watch many different types of program such documentaries, soaps, films, sport, music videos and the news (which allows people to see what is going on in their area and in the rest of the world). But I believe that Computers are the main technological advancement that enable us to perform more functions than any other piece technology, for example, emailing (communication) amongst other functions which I will talk about further on in this essay. The use of computers has grown rapidly and they are widely used through out the world. They are used to dealing with many tasks due to the enormous capability and thus, they have a big influence on our life. ...read more.


In addition, the computer can improve quality of media. Since television and radio play important role in communication, the computer is the main equipment to provide facilities for them. For example, a TV director will use a computer to manage his/her program plan. The CD player is being gradually replaced by the computer where music is converted into digital file saving time and space in the process. Society has benefited through the intervention of the computer upon our public facilities. Trains cars and planes, all major technological advancements in the last century, have provided the facility to move from place to place quicker than ever before but without the computer the safety and efficiency of these systems would not be the quality it is today. ...read more.


Therefore, it saves time for both patients and physicians which result in reducing delay action. In conclusion, computers play a very important role in today's society. They provide facilities for our life and create effective production. Technological advancements like TV's, computers, phones in my opinion are good because they enable you to communicate any time anywhere regardless of the location. If you are bored and have nothing to do what perfect way to entertain yourself than to play games on computer or games console, watch TV, watch a movie, listen to music and lots more. It is the opinion of some that technology is a bad thing promoting laziness and confining individuals to their homes however you could say that this is more an issue of self discipline. To my mind the pros of technology outweigh the cons. ...read more.

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