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How the Characters change as the play progresses? Educating Rita.

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Ashley Davis 01/07/03 How the Characters change as the play progresses? Rita has a lot to learn at the start of the play such as writing essays. An example of this is when Rita had to do an essay on how she would resolve the staging difficulties, on a production of Ibsen's "Peer Gynt". To Frank's shock she wrote "Do it on the radio", Frank was extremely shocked with this answer and told her that she would not get many if any marks for that in an exam. Rita then tried a second go and managed to expand it into a paragraph. Rita saw this as a huge accomplishment as Frank was lost for words. Preparing for a dinner party, she was extremely self-conscious, where she spent time trying lots of different dresses and trying to persuade Denny to come too. Eventually she came to Frank's house alone and decided she didn't fit in there. She then went to join Denny at the pub, when suddenly a song was being sung throughout the pub. She had a choice, join Denny and give up her course or stay firm and continue with it. In the end she started to sing when she noticed her mother crying. Rita asked her why she was crying and her mother replied: "Because-Because we could sing better songs than those." ...read more.


Rita then goes to a summer school where she continues with her studies and her change. When she comes back it seem s that both the characters have changed. Rita has obviously changed but so has Frank. At the start of Act 2 Scene 1 Rita comes in as new person with hardly a trace of Rita in Act 1. For one thing she comes in wearing new clothes, which are second hand, so she is keeping to her promise of not getting a new dress. Also when she gives a brief description of her holidays it is easy to tell that she had changed. Before she was scared of the other students who she referred to as "proper students", but now she is friends with them and sees herself as a "proper student". She has also learnt how to be serious when necessary. Previously she would just mess around but later on she became self-conscious and didn't wish to meet people in fear of them seeing her still as clowning around. However she can now talk to people and know what to say. An example of this when she was asked about the poet Ferlinghetti by a tutor: "It was right on the tip of my tongue to say, "Only when it's served with parmesan cheese" but, Frank, I didn't, I held it back..." ...read more.


Instead of the hairdressers she works at a local bistro. Frank was upset when he wasn't informed and Rita just hastily replied that she has no time for irrelevant detail. Irrelevant detail was the product of working at the hairdressers and she has no time for that any more. She has literately changed her entire life now. She has got a new job, new friends a new place to live with a new flatmate. Most of this is done without Frank's knowledge. Perhaps Frank's manner of mood is due to both jealousy and him being upset about turning Rita into another tiresome student. No longer it seems that Frank views Rita as a breath of fresh air, but as a foul stench of the shallow middle class society. Frank does not blame her transformation entirely on her however. He finds other people to blame on her change; people at her summer school, her new roommate Trish and namely himself. While mocking Rita about her changing names than seeing that like an act which is beneath her, he makes fun and gives a statement by saying that he should change his name to Mary Shelley. Mary Shelley is a writer who wrote the book Frankenstein, this is a about a scientist who creates a monster. He refers this too himself by implying that he created Rita into a monster. However angry Frank is with Rita he never blames her for change, this implies his unique fondness for her. He acts like a protective parent. ...read more.

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