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How the setting, events and characters in chapters 2 and 3 of Bram Stokers novel Dracula reflect the gothic genre of fiction.

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Dracula How the setting, events and characters in chapters 2 and 3 of Bram Stokers novel Dracula reflect the gothic genre of fiction. Dracula is a creation of the wonders of the supernatural sensationalism. The supernatural refers to Gothic genre. Dracula describes the un dead taking forms of animals to get close to victims. The victims are attacked when Dracula reappears as himself. Dracula attacks his victims at the throat and drains the blood from their body, in doing this he is adding to his army of un dead. The story is set around Dracula's castle in the middle of cliffs in Transylvania and the castle is on its own. Most of the scenes are at night when Dracula is seen as alive. The story was written in 1897 and was probably the most famous story written by Bram Stoker. Dracula is an epistolary novel. As Jonathan Harker, a young man taking any opportunity that arises to make money for he and his fianc�e, approaches the castle of Count Dracula to discuss the move that Dracula wants to make, which is to buy an estate in London, he notices the size of Dracula's castle. ...read more.


Jonathan is presuming that there are people, or at least servants for such a place like the one he has turned up to. The eeriness of the door and the wondering of what kind of people were around, also the wondering of what supernatural happenings may occur show through gothic genre. Once Jonathan gets inside the castle and to bed he cannot sleep, after the happenings and the first impressions of the castle it's not surprising. " I was indeed awake" shows a feeling of insomnia, a feeling that's all over him, there's something around, or is something coming. Jonathan has a bad night and hardly gets any sleep because he feels as though he was in a "horrible nightmare" this is showing that Jonathan doesn't want to be in this situation anymore. In the morning the gothic genre is arisen by "the sound of rattling chains and the clanking of massive bolts" things are getting worse for Jonathan who feels like he is in a nightmare. The clanking bolts and rattling chains are used to scare "victims" in horror films, but to also make them aware that someone or something is coming and they shouldn't be ignored. ...read more.


This is typical gothic genre because the "victim to be" always looks that little bit further. Jonathan is the victim to be and he still explores trying to find ways out of the castle "I rushed up and down the stairs, trying every door and peering out of every window I could find". My main points have shown that the setting has added to fear for Jonathan because the castle is set in the middle of nowhere and everything happens at night, just like all gothic genre horror films do. I think that events have reflected the gothic genre because before Jonathan actually meets Dracula there are a lot of scary happenings like the bolts clanking, this all builds up tension before the first meeting and then Dracula does not appear to how you would think he would appear. He is dressed smartly and harmless, but then he is seen as unnatural when his hand is the same as a dead mans. I think this is all building up suspicion and tension to when Jonathan realises he is a prisoner and he starts going mad and panicking. The gothic genre describes that Jonathan start panicking in order to create the suspense mood to question what is going to happen next. ...read more.

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