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How the theme of love is eplored in Alasdair Maclean's poem,"Question and answer,"and, "Sonnet 43," by Elizabeth Barret Browning

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Examine how the theme of love is eplored in Alasdair Maclean's poem,"Question and answer,"and, "Sonnet 43," by Elizabeth Barret Browning Love poems can be written in many different ways. Elizabeth Barret Browning. Modern day love poems can be completely different to traditional and old love poems. A modern day love poet is Alasdair Maclean. He has written many modern love poems, such as, "Question and Answer," and he's still doing them to this day. Elizabeth Barret Browning is also a love poem writer but all her love poems are traditional and classical as she was a writer in 1850s. She has also written many love poems in her lifetime including, "Sonnet 43," which has an idealistic view of love. Alasdair Maclean chose a very short and simple but puzzling title of his love poem, "Question and Answer," from this Maclean gives nothing away about the poem. Before you read the poem, there's no link to the theme of the poem which is love. The title isn't emotional just like the poem which is strange as love is an emotion! The poem starts of in direct speech, with the question, "Do you love me," which immediately creates questions in our mind, such as, who is talking to who and what type of relationship they have. One thing you can tell straight away is that the relationship is insecure and that the poem is about love. ...read more.


It makes the reader wonder if she believed him because he says she is only, "satisfied." It didn't seem as he wanted to say it. In the final sentence, the speaker fully expresses how his lover has made him feel. He tells us he feels like the rat, "feeling the taste of the wire." To the audience, the speaker seems to be a very sensitive and sad person. It sounds as if he over exaggerated his feelings, how can you feel so trapped and left in the darkness by someone asking a question? He even mentions that he feels, "the cold water flow over," him. It's a very sad and gruesome ending and it leaves us with many unanswered questions about their relationship. I think that Maclean wanted us, the audience, to realise that love can't be taken and if it does, then it won't work out. So he gave us an example of what would happen when someone tries to take it; you feel trapped. Therefore indirectly, he is giving us a message that love should be given, not taken. The theme of the poem is lobe although there isn't any secure lobe in the poem, it teaches us about love. As Alasdair Maclean is a modern day poet (still alive now), who knows that this type of thing, someone trying to take someone other person love happens quite often these days. ...read more.


I think that the one main difference between the two poems is the type of love. Browning loves her husband, "freely," and the speaker in Maclean's poem is being forced to love someone. I think the message Browning wanted to get across to us is that love should always be given and not taken or expected back. I think this because she never talks about what her husband thinks about her. She also shows that there can be no limit to how much you can love someone, so she may have wanted us to know that. So people who read any one of these poems, get the same messages and thoughts. Love should be given, not forced to give or taken. I therefore think that the theme of love is explored in opposite ways although it seems like both poets are trying to give us the same message. The first one is more like a story, telling us what will happen if you take love and the other one tells us what it's like when you do the opposite. I learnt that you should never take love from someone as it is a very special feeling therefore it should be given. From the first poem I realised how it can make you feel if your love is taken from you. From the second poem (Browning's), I found out what it feels like for the person that is giving the love to someone else. Browning seemed extremely happy giving her love to her husband. By Siddharth Manikonda 10T ...read more.

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