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How to Avoid Hypothermia

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How To Avoid Hypothermia Hypothermia is a condition that occurs when more heat is escaping than being produced by your body. When this happens, your body uses energy to keep itself warm and will eventually be unable to re-warm itself. Without treatment, your body will gradually shut down and you may die. It is a very serious danger so before entering cold conditions you must know how to prevent, recognize, and treat hypothermia. Avoiding hypothermia starts before you have even entered the cold. Dressing properly for cold conditions is an important factor in preparing for hypothermia. Layer clothes made from wool or synthetic material as they are the best fabrics for keeping warm. ...read more.


You also prevent hypothermia by being aware of its symptoms and recognizing it before it gets worse. Hypothermia happens in three stages, each successively worse than the one before. The first stage includes mild shivering, numb hands, quick and shallow breathing, nausea, and increased fatigue. Sometimes, the victim will feel warming sensation as if they were warming back up, but they are actually beginning the next stage. The second stage includes more violent shivering, muscles mis coordination, movements become slowed and take more effort, pale or blue skin, and mild confusion. In the third stage, muscle coordination and walking is nearly impossible, skin puffs up and turns blue, metabolic processes are shut down, major organs fail, and if untreated long enough, clinical death occurs. ...read more.


Remove any wet clothes the victim has on and replace them with dry clothes. Walking and exercise will help the body produce heat and help being to warm the body back up. If the victim is unable to walk, you can put the victim in a sleeping bag to increase the warming or insulate the victim with anything possible. If possible, give the victim a warm but not hot drink. Understanding how to avoid hypothermia is extremely important as it can be lifesaving knowledge. Hypothermia is responsible for hundreds of deaths and thousands of hospitalizations every year. You never know the situation you may find yourself in, which is why it is so necessary to know how to prevent, recognize, and treat hypothermia before entering any type of cold conditions. ?? ?? ?? ?? WAXLER 1 ...read more.

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