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How To Be Succesful - Mr Birling

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Good morning boys. Your headmaster has just shown me around your fine school, which will give you a head start in education. I learnt about life through the good hard school experience. I was brought up in Brumley and left school at the age of 14 to go and work in a mill. We had to work hard in those days. I worked the hardest there, much harder than everyone else and one day I caught the bosses' eye and he gave me a promotion. ...read more.


Even if there is a war, it'll be good us factory owners, as we'll get orders for soldier's uniforms. Like I say war is impossible, I also say that the Titanic is unsinkable, because the world is progressing and nothing can stop it. If any of you want to start a new business, then you'll have to have determination and an ability to work hard. As your business grows, you'll have more and more employees and you have to make sure they work hard and never strike or cause any trouble. ...read more.


Make your company really good, so that everyone knows how well it is. This will help you make a name and have a good self image, so you're respected. Don't mess about in your, always be serious and you'll get the best results. If you're a high class factory owner, you must look good to have a good reputation and name. You also should look after yourself and of course your family. Nothing can be achieved without your family's support, so it's really to look after them and keep them happy by giving them what they want. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sayan Dutta Chowdhury 10C ...read more.

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