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How to Survive the Teenage Years by Adrian Mole.

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To the Adolescent Boys, This is an article that I would like you to print in your popular magazine. I am Adrian Mole, an intellectual. As I am an intellectual I have vast knowledge in many different subjects including the leather trade in Norway. How to Survive the Teenage Years by Adrian Mole Everybody knows that the teenage years are difficult, even I as an intellectual found it very difficult, but then again I don't think many teenagers have been through what I have. My parents cheated on each other, father had a baby with his lover but this lover's ex-lover came back and took responsibility of the baby, my mother had an affair with a creep called Lucas (who was married) and left with my mother to Sheffield but in the end, they both came back and got back together again. ...read more.


Also try to separate your best friends, OK friends and not so OK friends. Hang out most with best friends/not so much with OK friends/least with not so OK friends. Girls can be very important, as they are the ones who will carry on future generations. Try to make friends with some girls who share some interest in your hobbies/interests. I do recommend this, as this is how I met my love of a lifetime. Pandora and I were both into politics. We were dragged together by it and were closer due to a debate club opened for the Argentineans. Just by this our love cycle had started (and most people thought that politics were pointless, but then again we are intellectuals!!!!). Another big problem is physical changes, puberty and things like that. During and after puberty you will be sexually active. ...read more.


You might measure your 'thingy' to see how big it is or even masturbate. Of course this is all perfectly normal but as long as it is in your own privacy. Sometimes you may wake up with a wet patch in your underwear. This is also perfectly OK. It's known as a 'wet-dream' which is when you have a slightly erotic dream and you ejaculate. Anyway, like I said at the beginning, the teenage years are difficult ones and I hope you can learn something from this article. I think it will be best for you if you keep good relationships with others so you will have support from others when you are in need. I thank you for reading my advice but whether you take it or not is purely up to you but I would recommend that you did because it is written by an intellectual (yours truly) so should be very accurate. Written, Produced, Directed and Edited BY Adrian albert mole (aged 153/4) Nim Joe Man 10/05/07 8 Green ...read more.

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