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How typical is, 'The Speckled band', compared to other Sherlock Holmes Short Stories I have read?

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How typical is, 'The Speckled band', compared to other Sherlock Holmes Short Stories I have read? The short stories I have read in, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, all seem to follow a similar trend. There are lots of similarities in each story, and 'The Speckled Band' is one of the most typical of the stories. After reading through the book, I noticed the constant similarities, and noted them down. At first, I noticed that Holmes and Watson, who are the two main characters throughout the stories, are never in any real danger. In The Speckled Band, Holmes and Watson are waiting in a dark room where there is potential danger of getting poisoned by a swamp adder. They are both unaware of the snake, but due to Holmes already knowing what will happen, he scares the snake away when it attacks them, before it has a chance to bite them. ...read more.


This shows, that Holmes had already pieced together all of his findings and clues, and knew who was to blame before anybody else. One of the main similarities I noticed in the stories was the victims. Nearly all of the victims in the stories are family relations. In The Speckled Band, the victim of the story is Miss Stoner, and she is in danger of her father, Dr. Roylott. He wishes to kill his remaining daughter, like he killed his other daughter. If Dr. Roylotts' daughters die when they are unmarried, he will get a larger sum of inheritance, as opposed to having to share it with a son-in-law. In 'The Beryl Coronet', Mr. Holder has to look after the precious jewel, and conceals it in his private home bureau. It is his niece, Mary, who steals it and gives it to her lover, Sir George Burnwell. Again, another family related crime that is typical of most of the short, Sherlock holmes stories. ...read more.


So, both titles are similar, as they are both named after featured items in their stories. The final similarity I noticed in 'The Speckled Band' is that the murderer, Dr. Roylott, died by means of his own 'weapon'. In this story, the 'weapon' is the deadly serpent. When Holmes scared the snake back through the ventilator, into the room where Dr. Roylott was, he was bitten by the snake and died. This is similar to 'The Copper Beeches', where Mr. Rucastle gets attacked and severely injured by his large, un-fed dog. Similarly, as I said in, 'The Speckled Band', the dog is like the serpent, a weapon, and a way of killing'. As a result of the criminals getting injured and killed by their own means, they resultantly punish themselves, instead of a prison sentence, although we do not know if Mr. Rucastle survives after the case of 'The copper Beeches' is closed. A surgeon was on his way at the end of the story, but Mr. Rucastle could still have died. Tom Sharp 11G ...read more.

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