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How women are presented in the short story “The yellow Wallpaper”?

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*How women are presented in the short story* "The yellow Wallpaper" In the short story "The yellow wallpaper" women are presented very differently as in comparison to today. The woman in the story has been brought away on a so called holiday to an old house so that she can rest and in her husbands eyes possibly be cured. When they arrive he takes her up to the room that he thinks is the most suitable for her. She gets no say at all in which room she is to stay in. This shows that at this time the man chooses things for the women without the woman even having a say in the matter. She says "I don't like our room one bit" showing that she doesn't like the choice that her husband made. Her husband is a doctor and so is her brother. They know that she is sick and tell her to rest and not to do any writing or any kind of stimulating activity. This is depriving her of what she likes doing best. She thinks that what her brother and husband tell her, she should do. She doesn't want to disobey her husband because she thinks that he is doing all these things in her favour. He says she is not to stir without his command. ...read more.


If he would have let her even look out the window and imagine the people out there then she might not have gone mad in the end. John says that when she is really better that they can invite down cousin Henry and Julia for a long stay, but her would he would rather put fireworks in her pillowcase than let her have stimulating company! He may think that he is doing her good according to the medical hypotheses in that day and age but her is killing her creativity and ability to think on her own by doing this to her. The furniture in her room has all been gnawed and the wall paper has been ripped off the wall. This can be two things. This can be like her mind. Her mind is eventually being broken down piece by piece by the treatment that she is getting. Most of the woman's behavior comes from the deterioration of her mind. She says "Of course I didn't do a thing. Jenny sees to everything now. But it tired me all the same". This shows that everything that is done, other people do it for her. All care is taken from her and placed unto someone else. When she says that "it tires her all the same" this tells me that the less tasks that she has to perform the more tired she gets. ...read more.


She needs to be released from the room and the wallpaper world is a parallel world to the world that she is living in now. She is transferring her feelings and emotions into the wallpaper world in her mind and expressing her feelings maybe trying to let the people around her know what she had to say and what she was going through. She says that "there are always new shoots on the fungus" this also relates to the fact that the wallpaper is a kind of parallel world. Fungus is an organism that lives on dead things and so this fungus is representing that her creativity is dead and that there are so many new things growing on it and destroying it for good. When the light shines through the window and the shadow of the bars on the window appears on the walls she thinks that they are real bars because she can already see a woman behind them. The woman behind the wallpaper is her and she thinks that she is behind the wallpaper and John is the bars which are keeping her there. In the end when she is going totally mad and her husband is at the door she is being very protective of the wallpaper. She locks the door then throws the key away so that he can't get in. She feels like she has to protect the woman in the wallpaper. She is afraid that they will do the same to her. Christopher Turkington ...read more.

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