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How would I direct 2 scenes from 'Educating Rita' to highlight the changes in Rita and the effect they have on Frank?

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How would I direct 2 scenes from 'Educating Rita' to highlight the changes in Rita and the effect they have on Frank? I have decided to explore act 1 scene 1 to show the audience what Rita is like before any education affects her life and how na�ve, nervous and scared she is of the educated world. I shall then compare it with act 2 scene 2 because to me it shows the most dramatic changes, such as her confidence language and how her character has developed generally, in Rita and the effect they have on Frank. I will consider setting, costume, interaction between the characters and the language they use. I will set the play in a room on the first floor of an old Victorian built university in the north of England. It is Frank's office and where he spends most of his time. There is a large desk in CENTRE of the stage cluttered with books, papers, mugs and a couple of bottles, behind that filling the width of the stage is a floor to ceiling bookcase crammed scruffily with books and a few magazines. LEFT is a large dirty window overlooking a grassy area of the university. ...read more.


Frank will need to stare at her to show the audience that his view of Open University students is changing. When he talks to her he tries very hard to disguise his drunkenness because he realises he wants to impress her. When they ask each other personal questions they are both confident about doing so and Rita just cuts straight to the point. Rita is using her common dialect, which Frank has to understand while he dumbs himself down so she understands him better. Rita will continue to walk around the room examining things as they talk, while Frank stays seated but becomes more attentive and alert. Towards the end of Rita questioning Frank he tries to get into his role as a teacher by asking her questions; he tries to assert himself and go back to his old view of Open University students being inferior. This doesn't work as Rita soon changes it round again but this time he gives funny answers as he is trying to impress her because he likes the type of woman he sees before him. When Rita asks what assonance means he tones the answer down so she can remember it and understand it by saying,' It means getting the rhyme wrong'. ...read more.


Throughout the conversation Rita is walking around the room still picking at things whilst Frank seems to get happy as she talks about arguing but then gets upset as he finds she is leaving him. Conclusion At the beginning of the play Rita is nervous and unsure of herself and how to act around educated people. However, having said this, she knows what she wants and has been brave enough to try and achieve it. She also has a very down to earth attitude. This has a spellbinding effect on Frank as this was not what he expected or encountered from an Open University student before. It helps him because he realises that he has some worth to this amazing person and so he neatens himself up and tries to change himself. He wants to keep her dependent on him so she will stay with him. As her education progresses, her confidence increases. Her down to earth attitude changes as she becomes more independent and 'up-market'. Her new personality is less attractive to Frank as he can't dominate it as much as he used to. He realises that he is not needed as much and reverts to his old ways of drinking and swearing. His appearance diminishes and becomes dishevelled once again. As Rita becomes more learned, Frank deteriorates even further. ...read more.

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