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How would you describe Eddie's attitude towards Catherine before Marco and Rodolfo arrive? A view from the bridge is a famous, well structured tragic drama play was written by Arthur Miller.

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How would you describe Eddie's attitude towards Catherine before Marco and Rodolfo arrive? A view from the bridge is a famous, well structured tragic drama play was written by Arthur Miller. It is set in the late 1940 when Miller became interested in the work and the communities of dockworkers and longshoremen of New York's Brooklyn Harbour. The title of the play is based on the Brooklyn Bridge and Alfieri having a view on top of it. In this essay I will be describing Eddie's attitude towards Catherine before Marco and Rodolfo arrive. At the start of act I, before Marco and Rodolfo had arrived the relationship between Eddie and Catherine is still in the stage of an uncle who cares a lot for his niece. Eddie's affection for Catherine is still not clearly described and shows to the readers. As he said to Catherine " I promised your mother on her deathbed. I'm responsible for you. ...read more.


Also when Beatrice and Catherine told Eddie about the job that Catherine have been offered to, " Please do me a favour will ya? I want you to be with different kind of people. I want you to be in a nice office. I mean if you're gonna get outa here then get out; don't go practically in the same kind of neighborhood. Eddie was worried about the area and the people she'll be working with. This shows that he cares therefore wants her to "better" than any other girls in the slum community. The play was set amongst an immigrant community who are poor and struggling, most working as 'longshoremen' when the work is available. Eddie the protagonist is of Italian ancestry, his father emigrated from Italy to America, and therefore he has been brought up with the strong, passionate Italian/Sicilian codes of honour and loyalty. In Act I while the family were waiting for the cousins' arrival, Eddie discussed about the possibility of the illegal immigrants to be pick up by the Immigration. ...read more.


All these reasons lead to a huge mistake that forces Eddie to break his moral code by reporting Marco and Rodolfo to the immigration. Therefore Eddie had turned against Catherine as well as Beatrice who the cousins are related to. To conclude this essay I am convinced that Eddie's attitude in protectiveness term towards Catherine before Marco and Rodolfo had arrive was nothing more than a father could give to his own child. Nevertheless, his attitude towards Catherine changed after she became more attracted to Rodolfo. He was unable to cope with Catherine in her increasing maturity, which he thought it would mean ' losing' her to Rodolfo. Therefore it made Eddie confused with his feelings whether it is protectiveness or obsession towards Catherine. It was something that he was unable to recognize or understand for himself. This conflict brought out an increasingly aggressive reaction in Eddie that starts to break the family apart, even his own moral code that he used to pride himself on. The play ended with a tragedy, which has been constructed by Eddie 's fears of committing his feelings of obsession for his niece, Catherine. ...read more.

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