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How you survive a trip through your older brothers bedroom.

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Imran Miah 20/11/2002 GCSE ENGLISH: Personal Writing -Fiction How you survive a trip through your older brothers bedroom. Before starting, you think twice about whether entering the room is a good idea. There is a sign pinned to the door that offers little if any encouragement what so ever, as it reads "Enter at your own risk, Who ever enters may never see the front of this door again." This note is aided by a image of a fire-breathing, slimy, saliva-dripping, blood soaked monster. Carefully you weigh up your thoughts, whether entering is a good idea or not, the money that your going to spend on therapy afterwards to recover are worth going in just to get a CD. If you wish to enter, you may want to consider the necessity of a nose plugs, knee and elbow pads, some string shoes, and if you are male, you might need an athletic cup. Before entering the blacked out, grotesque cave, your initial priority is to take several deep breaths. ...read more.


As you pick and choose where your feet will be placed, try avoiding the nail gun that is littered on the floor. It can put a hole through even a sole of a combat boot. Take no notice of the piles of clothing and towels, as they cannot hurt you. After making your way through the pile of rubble near the door, you notice laundry baskets that are being used as storage facilities instead of containers for dirty laundry. Ignore them. They will have hangers and string attached to them. Do not even think of untangling the mess. You don't have enough time or air in your lungs to do this task. Just step around them and carry on walking. You may have forgotten your reason for being here. This attack of amnesia is due to a lack of oxygen as well as your shock at seeing this mess. While you look around to regain you memory, you notice some unidentifiable items. ...read more.


Fur is flying and high-pitched yowling is mixed with the low growling and barking. As you land in a heap among the backpacks, footballs, books and a variety of disgusting things, you will be grateful for your knee and elbow pads. Remember to keep you cool and try not to say anything to your parents that you will later regret. At this point, you will probably see the CD that you have gone through Hell to get. Getting up from the floor be sure that you don't put your hand into one of the nasty things you saw earlier. Next grab the desired object and retrace you steps exactly. This will take you out of the room. However, you will not have to keep away from the dog and cat, as they are still fighting in the hallway. As you exit the room and turn off the light, you need to promise yourself that there is nothing in this room and that no one has to know what you went through, that you wont need to return. This promise is the first step in your recovery. ...read more.

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