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Howdoes the society have an affect on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writings?

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How does the society have an affect on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writings? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a famous author of the Victorian times, born in 1859 and lived until 1930 when it was in the late Victorian ages. He wrote many stories and among his writings he established a character in the name of Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a consequence of the Victorian society and therefore we can say he was a product of his age and this is shown in his stories on Sherlock Holmes. There are a lot of aspects in which we can look at to see what affected and influenced his writings which were immensely liked by the people of that age. Some examples of these ideas are, detective fiction, women's role in the society, being a gentleman, avoiding scandal, crime the British Empire, xenophobia and sciences of the Victorian age. At that time crime fiction genre was at its infancy, by this I mean that it was just introduced to the public recently. The first person who started writing crime fiction was Edgar Allen Poe who wrote the very first detective story "murder in the Rue Morgue" in 1943. Therefore Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was affected by authors before him such as Edgar Allen Poe and Wilkie Collins. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle expresses the fact "science of deduction" to make the reader more interested, because science was something very new at those times, and there for deduction and detection was new too, this was also due to the fact that the police force was at its early stages, since the force was introduced around 1829 and this was about fifty to seventy years later. ...read more.


In the Engineers' thumb, the engineer give his word to the villain about keeping information secret and in the "man with the twisted lip" he promises not to beg again and he's let gone out of the jail. Another important fact about the Victorians Times that we can deduct is that at those times England was the "workshop of the world" technology wise England was most advanced in the world. At the end of 1800s and early 1900s England had twenty one thousand miles of railroad whilst the world only had seventeen thousand miles but on the other hand America had fifty one thousand but still American technology was under British control due to the fact that the British had a big influence in American industry. The British industry is also introduced in the stories such as "The Engineers' thumb", when hydraulics were used and machines very vast, such as the one in the "closed room" where the hydraulic machine with vast iron board was closing on the engineer and same story also introduced the fact about railroads and railroad schedules and how common the use was. A lot of facts linked to one fact which makes the British think they are different to others and they are in higher state, facts such as the British Empire taking control of most countries in the world, the empire was so big that "the sun never set". Facts such as gentlemanly behaviour also helped, such as the "Hard top lip" which showed that English men showed themselves very prestigiously and the rest of the world was no where near them. ...read more.


Another reason why lots of people read this was that in those ages there were basically no other entertainment other than theatres, which not all could afford that. Remember that it was the gas lamp era and no electricity, or if there was electricity it was not widely used, therefore there were no TV's or such. So we get the point that we realize the society immensely loved and followed these stories. We can also see that by the fact that when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stopped writing in 1893 with the story of "the final problem" it made "young men and women appeared in the streets in respectively, black armbands and veils. They were in the mourning, for the collapse of a dawn of justice and reasons in a rising tide of in competition and evil". This extract was taken from the introduction of the book explaining the information held to this story. Therefore after last story "scandal in bohemia" pressure built up so much on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle until he had to re establish his character in 1901, with the story of "Empty House". This shows how the society affected him and made him write the stories again after 8 years, this later on affected writers in the same genre such as Agatha Christie who wrote about Hercule Poirot and Hastings and Colin Dexter who wrote about Inspector Mores and Sergeant Lewis which both stories were detective stories and had a lot of structures relevant to the stories of Sherlock Holmes. Yet after 100 years past from these events we still read the books and you and I still talk about it and its consequences. ...read more.

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