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Human Cloning Should Not Be Allowed Under Any Circumstances. Persuasive Essay

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´╗┐Human Cloning Should Not Be Allowed Under Any Circumstances Persuasive Essay Ross Bamford Although not everybody would agree, I want to argue that ?Human Cloning? is wrong! The thought of someone playing god and creating life from human DNA outrages me. No Matter how many times scientists fail to create a fully generated human copy they still don?t give up to pursue this desired goal. The first human embryos were unsuccessful as the embryos cellular division stopped after only 6 cells had divided making the experiment a failure for the scientists. I feel strongly about this issue and in my opinion I don?t see why ?Human Cloning? is useful for us humans, and how it benefits today?s world. I am aware that many people will disagree with my point of view. They would argue that Human Cloning is a way forward in science and simple because we can do it. I argue against this because it is not the right thing to do by cloning someone. ...read more.


So to bring my point forward, what would happen if humans were cloned? The biggest worry that many people have in today?s society is that if scientists are able to clone humans, the cloned human could have many problems and suffer a short life, but even more people argue that it would have an effect on the man and women offering their cells to be cloned. One of the stranger reasons that I want to bring forward is the idea of body replacements which in my opinion is bizarre and totally unnecessary. In recent years there have been many cases of scientists trying to grow a body for someone who has recently been deceased, meaning the transplantation of the brain from the deceased body into the cloned body. It is now thought of only as science fiction, yet it may someday be a possibility in the distant future. While it will always be unethical to kill another human to save another person?s life, What if the cloned human body replacement did not have a brain and was intentionally designed that way from the beginning? ...read more.


This is an unnerving thought because this means that science would have the authority over how you were created. But I argue that science should not have this authority and power by which the ethics of human cloning are decided. According to the bible, God is the only one who rightfully exercises sovereign control over human life. So therefore to attempt to control such things is to place yourself in God?s position. Clearly, man is not meant to do this. To conclude ?Human Cloning? is not regulated or banned in any country in the world. The lack of regulation that is in today?s world could potentially result in a world disaster due to so much cloning of humans in the future. Whether you agree with ?Human Cloning? or whether you think that is ethically and morally wrong, you must strongly consider that there are consequences involved in the cloning of humans. I personally feel that the cloning of humans should be banned and research into cloning humans should be halted or stopped. ...read more.

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