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Humour essay - Funny jokes that have a criticizing voice toward society or humanity are called Satires. Satires can teach people a lesson as long as it is not too offensive.

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Humor reveals the fact Humor is universal to all humans. Since other species do not to have the ability to laugh, man has been called, "the laughing animal." Why do people laugh? What makes people laugh? How do people define what is funny and what is not? "I don't know, it just makes me laugh," is the usual response one might give. It's not easy to define what is funny or to come up with one definition. In South Korea, there are many satirical stories about the current president, Lee Myeong-bak. Many Korean people would find those jokes hilarious, but if foreigners don't know who Myeong-bak lee is and haven't been following his exploits in the tabloids, they probably would not be amused. Humor shows its real worth when it trenchantly reveals a social defect or incorrect facts through humorous expressions. Funny jokes that have a criticizing voice toward society or humanity are called Satires. ...read more.


Quimby does not make many appearances on the show, but when he does, they are not flattering. He is married, yet always with younger women. The promiscuity of politicians has been a popular satire in the past and a stereotype portrayed often by Quimby. In one episode, an anonymous politician said of Quimby: "You are an illiterate, tax-cheating, wife-swapping, pot-smoking Spend-o-crat" (Groening 153). To which Quimby replied, "Hey, I am no longer illiterate" (Groening 153). Aside from the infidelity, these quote shows that Quimby is also uneducated, dishonest, and a frivolous spender. This is the classic satiric description of politicians. Quimby's response to the criticism is incongruous because he does not deny the allegations, only saying that he was no longer illiterate. The implication that he was illiterate when he was elected into office also shows his unintelligence. It is somewhat ironic and fitting that such a flawed man would be the leader of such a flawed town. ...read more.


Satire is a powerful comedic tool that exposes the bigots by holding up their behavior to ridicule. But truly good satire, of the Charlie Chaplin variety, goes beyond. In other words, it makes people reevaluate how they view the world and even commit to changing their beliefs and actions. As Charlie Chaplin demonstrated in his satiric humor, humor that is based on an open state of mind and a respectful mind for others will not only create a comfortable atmosphere but also make him or her witty and smart. Humor is a powerful social tool. It is an adhesive that holds groups together, a lubricant that eases tension, and a safety valve for the unmentionable. Misused, it can damage one's self-esteem and create misunderstandings between people. Given that we are species that function in groups and like to be with each other, whether closely or as total strangers, there is nothing more powerful to bring us together than a shared laugh. Sharing laughter must be the one of the most pleasurable ways to express our humanity, which is the true essence of the social function of humor. ...read more.

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