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Hunted - The attic door creaked open.

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Hunted T he attic door creaked open. Something rustled in the darkness. I stared, but could see nothing beyond the vague shapes of old suitcases and trunks piled high. It smelt damp. I struggled up into the attic and wedged the door open. Light poured into the darkness. The darkness in the head of the house. I balanced carefully upon the floor beams. I knew that if I stepped onto the plaster I could fall straight through into the room below. A cobweb brushed my face and I felt the sudden tickle of a spider crawl across my cheek. As I made my way forwards, it grew colder and darker. I was blocking the light from the attic door. There were piles of old newspapers, brown paper bags tied with string, cardboard boxes and ancient, moth-eaten rugs that smelt of mothballs. Thick dust powdered every surface. I kept thinking that I would slip and put my foot through the floor. I stopped at a pile of old camping equipment. ...read more.


"JANE, WAIT!!" a deep echoing voice pleaded. I stopped at the foot of the stairs and relief washed over me like a mild rolling wave, as I identified the sound. Adam. Strong reassuring arms embraced my shoulders securely. Slowly, I turned to face the figure. His loving searching eyes bored into mine. He winced in pain as I held his hand. I glanced down curiously and swallowed nervously. His fist was a vivid shade of purple, covered with a raw imprint of the rod. I smiled back apologetically. "I am so sorry. What the hell were you doing underneath there anyway?" moaning impatiently. Adam rolled his eyes and sighed. "Trying to sleep..." Adam laughed sarcastically, "What do you think I was doing? I was hiding from the police. When I heard footsteps, I was certain they had tracked me down and were searching this dump. Can you blame me now?" His expression became serious. Leaning against the wall, he sank to the floor, with his head buried deep in his arms. ...read more.


I had tried talking to her, even stooped down to such a level in desperation that I started threatening her. But it had to be done. And there is no turning back time now. I glanced back at my brother, still crouching down with his head in his arms. I admired him for his courage. He had stood by me, unlike my friends, who all dismissed my feelings. And now he was protecting me. I couldn't do it without him. Unexpectedly, the door swung open, creaking on its rusty hinges, and in the doorway stood...Sarah! I choked out in surprise, "Sarah! Where...what...what are you doing here?" I blinked in disbelief. " I found out from Casey that you and Adam were here, and I was in the area so I thought I would make a cosy visit. What are you doing in this dump anyway?" she said smiling gently. "So...your not dead? Weren't you at the picnic at the Point?" I mumbled, still in shock and confusion. "Dead? Far from it! Why would I be? No, I thought I told you I couldn't make it, I was stuck at home finishing some homework." I thought hard. Then if it wasn't Sarah I pushed off that night...Who was it? ...read more.

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