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Hurricane Gilbert.

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HURRICANE GILBERT A hurricane is a violent tropical storm. It has a minium wind speed of 72 miles per hour. going counter-clockwise around a region of low-pressure. Hurricanes are giant whirlwinds which air moves in a large spiral around the center of the low-pressure which is called the eye. Hurricane season is usually from June1 to November 30. Ten tropical storms on the average develop in the Gulf Of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Only six of these storms on the average become hurricanes. Hurricane Gilbert was called "the 5 day fury". The hurricane attacked many of the islands in the Carribean and Atlantic Oceans. It didn't directly hit some islands but it did have some efftect on them. It started with St Lucia. In St. Lucia most of there crops were destroyed. They had a reported $740,000 loss in banana. At this point the hurricane was still a storm. It then hit Puerto Rico. They also reported crop damages but only $200,000. They also had power outages in some towns. ...read more.


What they saw were tornadoes spun off by Hurricane Gilbert. Hurricane Gilbert hit land just off the coast of the island Jamaica on September 12,1988. It started out to be a tropical storm on September 10 and by the morning of September 11 it was a hurricane. It actually hit land at 10:00 on the morning of the 12th. The wind speeds averaged from 75 mph to 127 mph. Hurricane Gilbert was categorized as a category 5 hurricane. Jamaica hasn't seen a hurricane since 1951, which was Hurricane Charlie. Hurricane Gilbert came through Kingston, Jamaica and ripped roofs off buildings and flooded many places. In Cuba over 115,000 people were evacuated as a precaution. There was also a hurricane warning issued for the south coast of Cuba, the Cayman Islands and Haiti. The Hurricane was now moving westward and heading towards the Cayman Islands which is south of Cuba. On September the 13th the storm had now hit the Cayman Islands. On September 14 Hurricane Gilbert was announced the strongest storm in history and headed for the Mexican resorts of Cancun and Conzumel. ...read more.


A hurricane watch was reported for the rest of the Texas. People were told to evacuate. When Hurricane Gilbert finally hit Texas on Friday Sept. the 17th, they received a less damaging hurricane. Winds were only reported at 58 mph which is not what they expected. Matamoras, Mexico and Brownsville, Texas didn't see a direct hit from Hurricane Gilbert, what they actually saw was a tornado from Hurricane Gilbert. They still saw some massive damage. Winds knocked down power lines, trees and some roofs were ripped off buildings. It was estimated that over 100,000 houses were damaged. A total of 14,111 were totally destroyed and about 70,000 other homes had either minor or major structural or roof damage. There was also many tourism resorts that were damaged. There was over $415 million in damages in tourism attractions. Estimated damages to the livestock and crops was $769 million. The schools also saw lots of damages. Most of the primary schools had the worst damage. The primary schools were also used as relief centers. The health facilities were also damaged. There were only 200 out of the 376 that were able to aid people. ...read more.

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