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Hurricane Hits England

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Hurricane Hits England The poem is about a young Caribbean woman whose culture is contigently consumed by that of her surroundings. At the time of the hurricane she felt destitute, vulnerable and could not understand why she had sanctioned her culture to such an unreachable part of her soul. Throughout the poem Grace Nichols shows her thoughts and feelings using a wide variety of imagery, similes and metaphors. This enables the reader to attain a clearer and deeper understanding of the poem. The poem is set in England and is being read by Grace Nichols herself. The poet shows the importance of the hurricane multifariously, the development of her thoughts during the poem show this very well. In the beginning of the poem she feels trepidation and very insecure about the fact that the hurricane has come to England. The first line states"It took a hurricane to bring her closer to the landscape." This line leads me to believe that before the hurricane's occurrence in Britain, she had become so comfortable living in England that she had acquired a "false identity"so to speak, whereby she had relinquished the chore of having to recollect the minor aspects of her culture that made it both important and precious. The first line is the foundation of the poem as it is the very reason that she regained avidity for her culture again. ...read more.


The first stanza is written in third person narrative, this enables the reader to acquire a deeper insight into the poem as it sets the scene. The structure thereafter creates a very powerful effect and the poet continues to question the storm's presence. Grace Nichols has shown this by giving each stanza a question upon which she had pondered before coming to an absolution in the last two stanzas. She shows she is no longer afraid by using phrases such as"I am aligning myself to you" {I am bringing myself to you} and, " I am riding the mystery of your storm" {I have elucidated the mystery of my culture} Grace Nichols inexplicable use of language and imagery gives the opportunity to accumulate ones own ideas and interpretations of the text. Her language gives us the first clue to her ethnic decent as she talks of Afro-Caribbean Gods when she says, "Talk to me huracan, Talk to me Oya, Talk to me Shango and Hattie, my sweeping back home cousin" We assume that these are her cultural Gods as she states"my sweeping back home cousin." She refers to them as family and in most cases your family is of the same culture as yourself. The poet includes a lot of imagery and in my belief this is fundamental as it eradicates the concept of right and wrong answers, it takes away the simplicity and adds complex meaning to the text. ...read more.


It is: "Come to break the frozen lake within me". When a lake is frozen over in the winter time, we make the mistake of believing that there is no life beneath, however in the depths of the lake there always is life it is just not visible to us. In the context of the poem the poet is not saying what I believed previously. {That she had obliterated her culture from memory} but that it was always installed in her, like a chip that cannot be removed, it was just never visible to the rest of the world or even herself. The closing line of the poem is her absolution that she sought for throughout. Wherever I am on earth my culture is always mine and will always be mine:"The earth s the earth, is the earth" I did not immediately enjoy this poem,but as I grasped a deeper knowledge and understanding I felt free to make my own interpretations. The main points of my poem were about the powereful effect of her developing thoughts and how they enabled her to regain her cultural values. How the child trapped in an adults body {child: not knowing much about anything}grew and learned about her culture again. I did end up finding this poem very interesting, and it opened my eyes as to how easy it is to loose sight of who you really are. BY KASSANDRA THOMAS ...read more.

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