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Hurricane Mitch

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Sereena Romero 2-7-05 English period 3 Hurricane Mitch The 20th century brought upon natural disasters that have both impacted the social and economical aspects of life. Hurricane Mitch was one of the greatest disasters of it's time. The conditions that Hurricane Mitch left behind in Honduras and Nicaragua, effected these countries economy is a severe way. The hurricane brought devastation and economical difficulties to the people of Central American countries. The conditions the hurricane brought upon were severe. It began on the morning of October 20,1998. Satellite images showed that there were unorganized thunderstorm clusters forming over the southern Caribbean and Northern Venezuela. On October 22, the clusters became confined into a tropical depression. ...read more.


and Hurricane Allen's(1980) 24 hour long duration. Mitch traveled alongside the northern coast of Honduras for two days. "Once onshore, Mitch meandered through the mountains of Honduras and continued to unload extreme amounts of rainfall," states Mace Bentley and Steve Horstmeyer in "Monstrous Mitch". "According to the National Climatic Data Center, estimated maximum total rainfall amounts over Honduras and Nicaragua ranged from 50 to 75 inches- and in one report an incredible 25 inches fell in six hours!" as stated in "Monstrous Mitch". To make situations even worse, Mudflows and landslides occurred because of the steep terrain in both Nicaragua and Honduras. One mudslide in nothwest Nicaragua traveled 13 miles and dominated 10 communities. ...read more.


With the many killed banana trees, the future restoration of the economy of Honduras and Nicaragua became very doubtful. Although the coffee crops were unharmed because of their growing location, many of the mountain roads had disappeared, therefore making it hard to transport the coffee. Since the economies of both Nicaragua and Honduras depended on crops as their main exports, both countries had little faith in a restoration on their economy. In conclusion, Hurricane Mitch was a extreme natural disaster that killed over 9,000 people. Maintaining it's status for 33 hours, Hurricane Mitch caused mudflows and landslides. Leaving it's mark as the storm that left both Nicaragua and Honduras in total devastation, Hurricane Mitch has become one of the 20th centuries' most significant natural disasters. ...read more.

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