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I’m in mybedroom. The door is shut which means I am supposed to be doing my homework but I am finding it extremely hard to concentrate. My mind is set on what happened last night.

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I'm in my bedroom. The door is shut which means I am supposed to be doing my homework but I am finding it extremely hard to concentrate. My mind is set on what happened last night. At seven-o clock Tim phoned me and asked if I would like to go to the fair with him. I love fairs and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know him better. So I agreed and he said he would pick me up in about thirty minutes. I rushed up stairs to get ready. In my room I could hear my Mum Jenny, Dad Mark and brother Joe laughing hysterically down stairs in the lounge, I thought that they were probably watching a cheesy chat show or some thing along those lines. Tim just turned 16 last month so for his birthday his Grandpa and Dad cashed in to buy him a motor bike. ...read more.


She repeated the sentence again and asked me how to get to the fair. As I gave her directions I noticed a large white van with blacked out windows parked along side the hedge of my garden. I looked more carefully at the car; the back window had been shattered. My eyes drifted nearer the front of the car and to my horror I caught a glimpse of a large man with an object which looked like a gun. I couldn't make out weather or not it was a gun because it was parked quite far away and it was getting dark. At this point I began to get nervous, I tried to hush her away as quickly as possible. I shut the door. Mum questioned 'who was that?' I didn't know what to reply. I couldn't exactly say 'a complete stranger who looked very suspicious, smelt of petrol, has a white van with smashed up windows, a large man with a gun sitting in the front seat and asking directions to the fair.' ...read more.


The fair was great, colourful light shone into the night's sky, screaming people and music blasted for miles. The smell of candyfloss and hot dogs drifted in the air. The harder I tried to forget about what happened, the more I thought about it. After every ride I went on, I reached into my back pocket to check if it was still there. The most thrilling ride at the fair was called the train of terror Tim took our last 2 tokens out of his wallet and we hurried over to join the queue. Suddenly in the corner of my eye I saw a flame. A woman screamed 'help fire.' The man from the carousel saw that she was in distress and flew over with a fire extinguisher. The fire was fierce but five minutes later the fire was out and the man was exhausted. I wondered how it was started. 'Yes' it was our turn to go on the ride. We hopped into the silver metallic carriage, ready for a fright! But we didn't realise the extent of the fright we would receive. ...read more.

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