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i am a dog

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I am a dog..... I open my eyes, and stretch my back legs, and all I see around me is dark and gloomy. I'm laid on a cardboard box. With pieces of newspaper on me, trying to keep my shabby fur warm. I look next to me and I see my best friend, this scruffy old man, with nothing but ripped clothes, and a shabby hairdo. He's laid on some bin bags, looking cold and needy. ...read more.


That is a rare thing you will find. But I try. As I walk through the busy streets of New York night life. I come across family's who are walking their dogs, I feel I can no longer walk, I am too weak. I stop for breathe and I hear dog barks... I put my two cut paws up against a window ledge of the mansion sized house I am stood in front of, and gaze with amazement at what I see, two dogs, with shiny fur, almost looks like the fir coats that the classy ladies of New York walk around in. ...read more.


An hour or so later I found myself still staring through the steamed up window, I just cannot bring myself to get down and walk on, the clean and tidy dogs I am looking at are now laid down asleep on, what look to be - clean and soft beds, what I would do to be in their position right now. As I climb down from the window and head back to my friend. I think to myself, maybe just maybe one day my life could be as good and caring as theirs. ...read more.

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