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I am analysing a character in a book called 'The Long and the Short and the Tall' his name is Bamforth, private Bamforth in a troop of seven soldiers.

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I am analysing a character in a book called 'The Long and the Short and the Tall' his name is Bamforth, private Bamforth in a troop of seven soldiers. The story is about a troop in Japan during the Second World War. I chose Bamforth because his character is strong and different to the other soldiers in the story. I will analyse his personality, how he reacts to others and how the other troops act towards him. Bamforth is deeply cynical about the war and about the British army. He challenges the authority of the army at every opportunity with cheeky sarcasm. He has learned the rules of the army and uses them against his superiors with quick, witty replies: 'You threatening me, Corp?'. He constantly taunts other men saying of Whittaker, 'This boy couldn't get the home service in the sitting-room' and to Macleish 'you chasing your second stripe already?'. ...read more.


Johnstone tries to use his power to attack Bamforth verbally. "He's stopping were he is, its cobblers for him." (A quote from Johnstone) The other soldiers: Evans, Macleish, Smith and Whittaker are neutral towards Bamforth. Because I believe they don't want to argue with him; they are scared of him. Macleish argues with Bamforth at the beginning but then stays neutral with him throughout the rest of the story: This is because Macleish was disciplined last time by Mitchem and Macleish knows that he would not loose his temper over Bamforth again. Evans tries to stay friends with Bamforth because I think he follows Bamforth and he doesn't like arguments. Smith is a good friend of Bamforths but Bamforth takes advantage towards the end " what's the fag case got to do with it... Smudger! Smudger now its up to you!" Bamforth puts a lot of pressure on Smith but it is soon sorted out. ...read more.


After seeing the prisoner's family photographs, Bamforth warms to him until at the end of the play it is only Bamforth who is willing to defend the prisoner and says 'He's a man'. Whether Bamforth is right or wrong to defend the Japanese solider with his own life, shows that he is more than just 'the barrack-room lawyer' ... Up to every dodge and skive that's in the book. Bamforth is cynical about the war and the army; his relationship with others is poor and he makes little effort to improve this. Throughout the story he loves to be the centre of attention and always tests the patience of both Mitchem and Johnstone. Bamforth's character plays a crucial part in the play, his actions and words reflect on real life and how people react to situations such as those in the story. I like his character because he is independent; he has his own beliefs and ideas. He is brave, courageous and likes to be the centre of attention. If I were any character from the story it would be Bamforth. ...read more.

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