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I am carrying out my Integrated Vocational Assignment at Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead.

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Integrated Vocational Assignment (IVA) Part One Select Your Practical Project Topic I am carrying out my Integrated Vocational Assignment at Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead. It is a family farm that is run primarily for the entertainment of the public. It is one of Surrey's busiest and most popular tourist attractions, offering good value for money and many attractions. It has facilities such as a childrens playbarn and indoor slide, tearooms, gift shop, animal handling, pig racing, goat milking demonstrations, tractor and trailer rides, electric ride on tractors, face painting, badge making, and various play areas as well as numerous farm animals. Part A: Proposals for practical project This is a list of possible projects I could use for my Integrated Vocational Assignment practical project: Option one: Rejuvenate fencing around the pond The pond in question is on the main drive at Bocketts farm just by the main farm entrance. It is one of the first things visitors see when they arrive at the farm to pay, and so I think it is important that it looks respectable. ...read more.


This project would involve designing and building bird boxes using materials already existing on the farm, or by buying in wood and other materials. The tools and expertise required are already at Bocketts. Option three: Install information signs around the farm Information boards about the species or breeds of particular animals on display are distributed around the farm. However, they are not in place for some of the breeds or exhibits. Rodney the pot bellied pig is lacking an information board as well as several other animals. This means that the public are unaware of any interesting information about these animals that could make their visit that much more enjoyable and engaging. Adults and older children are especially interested in reading these facts about the animals that they are seeing, and can learn a lot. For some of the animals there is no information at all, so some visitors may not even be aware of the type of animal they can see. The information boards inform and educate visitors, and it provides them with something else to look at while they are at the farm. ...read more.


The fence is still doing its job by keeping in the poultry and keeping out the public and it isn't unsafe. The work would be carried out as and how the farm owner wants it, and so I would have little scope for altering ideas or making improvements as is part of my career plans, and so I didn't think this would be a suitable project due to the lack of control I would have over any such project. Currently it is thought that the fence is a low urgency job, and time could be better spent on other things. The idea of installing bird boxes could have negative effects by attracting more birds to the farm and not encouraging the existing ones out of their current nesting sites. This could just increase the problem and solve nothing, so it is thought that other methods of removing the problem could be used. The bird boxes could be installed in other areas of the farm as an educational aid and feature for the visitors, although it is unlikely that it will have much value as there is already plenty of birdlife. Extra birds may eat the grass seeds and poultry feed and just cause more problems. Dom Hughes ...read more.

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